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Miami Marlins trade rumors: Jose Fernandez not commenting on future with organization

Fernandez is not commenting on whether he wants to remain a Marlin.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Fernandez might very well be sick of the rumors. Miami's ace was reportedly asked to comment on his future with the organization and declined to do so, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

Throughout the annual Winter Meetings last week, Fernandez's name was consistently mentioned in trade rumors. The Marlins were said to be seeking five or six top prospects in exchange for their ace. The high asking price might indicate they had no intention of moving him this off-season.

While there remains a good chance Fernandez pitches in Miami next season, his decision not to respond to the situation is notable. More often than not, in circumstances such as this one, the typical response relates to the fact the player is still on that team's roster at that given moment and that the situation is not in the player's hands.

Fernandez is represented by Scott Boras, which makes any chance of a long-term contract getting signed in the near future notably slim. But Fernandez is still arbitration eligible and multiple times has expressed how much he loves playing baseball in Miami. Unless he just did not have a desire to comment because of the nature of event, Fernandez's response could be telling.

Earlier this off-season, multiple reports indicated the Marlins wanted to move Fernandez because he was not an ideal player to have in the clubhouse. The organization never addressed such speculation, though, and instead publicly expressed a desire to retain Fernandez heading into 2016.

Miami could have been evaluating potential suitors for Fernandez in the future at the Winter Meetings. But the fact Fernandez now does not want to allegedly comment on how the Marlins will perform in 2016 is significant. Perhaps now he is tired of the rumors wants to be moved?

Fernandez will likely be Miami's ace in 2016. But if he does not want to play for the Marlins, the organization will likely address that this winter.