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Miami Marlins don't make any moves at Winter Meetings, and that's OK

Miami was quiet. For now, that's a good thing.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

In the days leading up to the annual Winter Meetings, the Marlins made their intentions clear. They were going to pursue starting pitching and planned on upgrading however possible. Nothing got done in Nashville. But for now, that is OK.

Ace Jose Fernandez was consistently mentioned in trade rumors a few weeks before the meetings were set to begin. The talks quickly died down, however the Marlins found themselves taking calls with regard to Fernandez's availability again this week.

Clubs seeking a front of the rotation starter, which ironically enough includes the Marlins, checked in on Fernandez's status. The Diamondbacks, Yankees, and Dodgers are among the teams known to have been interested to some degree. Miami reportedly wanted five or six top prospects in return. None of those clubs were made an offer significant enough for the Marlins to consider.

Throughout the week, Marlins executives made it clear the club was not shopping Fernandez. Regardless of whether they were or weren't, Fernandez is still a Marlin, which is key to the organization's success in 2016.

Marcell Ozuna's name was also mentioned in rumors leading up to the meetings. Miami's front office reportedly was not pleased with Ozuna after a slow start and negative comments about a demotion last season. But Ozuna could be a candidate to bounce back and thrive next season. He is still on the roster too, and with no clear replacement if he were to be moved, perhaps the Marlins are planning on giving him another opportunity.

In some cases, not making any moves should not be lauded. But in this case it should.

Last winter, the Marlins made multiple moves at the Winter Meetings. One of them involved acquiring Dee Gordon, who was productive and proved to be a valuable addition. Another landed Martin Prado, who was consistent at third base. But the Marlins also traded for Mat Latos and signed free agent Michael Morse last winter. Neither of the two will be on the 2016 roster.

At one time, it looked like the only deal that might have been completed was a Gordon extension, and even that would have indicated progress. It did not get done, but there are signs that suggest it still can.

There is still plenty of time for the Marlins improve their roster as different markets begin to develop, and the club rightfully is not in a hurry. There is still time to add a starter and a bat and any other form of necessary depth.

Miami was quiet at the Winter Meetings, and that is truly OK. It is better to remain quiet than make moves that might not pay off in the long-term future.