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Miami Marlins trade rumors: NL scout would trade Marcell Ozuna

One NL scout is also down on Marcell Ozuna.

Joe Skipper/Getty Images

Owner Jeffrey Loria is reportedly down on Marcell Ozuna and he is no longer alone. One National League scout would also move Ozuna while the Marlins can, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

"Ozuna has to commit himself to the game," one veteran National League scout said. "He does so many things wrong. He doesn’t always concentrate defensively. He has to watch his weight, learn the strike zone. I would trade him if I could because I don’t know if he will get it."

Ozuna, 24, struggled consistently throughout the first half of 2015. He ended the year with a .259/.308/.383 line to complement 10 home runs and 44 RBIs over 123 games with the Marlins.

After Ozuna had difficulty producing to open the year, the Marlins opted to option to him to Triple-A. He batted .317 over 33 contests in New Orleans, however did not respond positively to the demotion. Ozuna compared playing in Triple-A to being let out of jail and ultimately did not return to Miami until August 15.

Miami has to decide what to do with Ozuna this winter, and while a trade might be realistic because of the front office's opinion, the club would have to find a match. Cleveland has been linked to Ozuna in the past and is seeking outfield help, and the organization might be open to moving a pair of arms this winter.

In any deal involving Ozuna, the Marlins will likely request at least one front of the rotation arm in return. As a result, Miami would only have to consider signing one free agent starter.

Although Ozuna reportedly drew a notable amount of interest before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, different organizations could have different opinions. If the consensus is "he does so many things wrong" and "he doesn't always concentrate defensively," there is no guarantee the Marlins would be able to move him.

Moving Ozuna would also require the Marlins to pursue an outfielder this off-season.

Former General Manager and Manager Dan Jennings went against the front office's wishes and gave Ozuna playing time. He was subsequently dismissed, making the front office's view of Ozuna clear.

The Marlins will likely really consider moving Ozuna this winter. And if they don't, it might be because other teams are not interested.