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Miami Marlins morning news: Club has 'strong fondness' for Jose Fernandez

Fernandez has been mentioned in trade rumors. Plus notes on Marcell Ozuna and Dee Gordon.

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Marlins News

Jose Fernandez has been mentioned in trade rumors over the last few weeks. But according to Peter Gammons of Gammons Daily, Owner Jeffrey Loria has a "strong fondness" for Fernandez.

Yes, Jefferey Loria has a strong fondness for Fernandez; truth is, so is almost anyone who meets him, especially Don Mattingly, and in a two week span when Mike Hill and his baseball cabinet had two very productive and positive conference call meetings with Scott Boras and Mattingly got full support for his long range, flexible handling of Fernandez to insure that he continues to grow and yet, like Matt Harvey, be able to pitch in October should the Marlins get there, somehow Samson’s war with Boras became the Marlins period piece.

Miami signed Adrian Nieto to a minor league deal.

Dee Gordon's agent said he and the Marlins are currently working on a contract extension.

Although several clubs have expressed interest, the Marlins do not appear close to trading Marcell Ozuna.

Even though the Marlins said Scott Boras would not be involved in creating an innings limit for Jose Fernandez, Fernandez said Boras would be.

The Marlins will begin searching for a new color commentator after deciding not to renew the contract of Tommy Hutton.

Why would the Marlins consider parting with Hutton? One local columnist does not have an answer.

Miami will face Pittsburgh in a two game series in Puerto Rico next season.

Colby Lewis is among the starters the Marlins are reportedly interested in.

Around the League

Aroldis Chapman continues to draw a notable amount of interest.

Boston appears to be the favorite to land David Price.

Mike Hessman, the minor league home run leader, announced his retirement.

Toronto signed J.A. Happ to a three-year, $36 million deal.

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