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Miami Marlins' Jose Fernandez 'speaks to management like they're children'

One player source told WINZ's Andy Slater Fernandez wants to be traded ASAP.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

While it initially appeared the Marlins might have a desire to move Jose Fernandez, the feelings might be mutual. One player source told 940 WINZ's Andy Slater Fernandez wants to be traded "ASAP" and that he "talks to management like they are children."

Sirius XM's Craig Mish reported Tuesday it appeared the Marlins would move Fernandez, however's Joe Frisaro noted two major league sources told him Fernandez is not currently being shopped. That could always change quickly, though.

Slater adds he was told Fernandez "is a different person on and off camera," which is notable since Fernandez's demeanor in the clubhouse has never been publicly discussed. He spend a significant portion of the 2015 season recovering from Tommy John surgery and then bouncing back from a shoulder injury. His actions might have just been the result of frustration, since he likely did not make as many starts as he wanted to last season.

Miami's clubhouse is distinct, and the organization has worked to change the clubhouse culture. After Jeff Baker was spreading what was called an "anti-front office" message in the clubhouse, the Marlins were quick to release him.

If Fernandez truly does have a desire to be moved, the Marlins might benefit from moving him now. However, doing so would be counterproductive, since the organization is targeting starting pitching this winter.

The fact Fernandez is represented by Scott Boras might be connected to his reported desire to leave the Marlins. Boras encourages his players to test the free agent market, and the Marlins have not been successful in trying to extend Fernandez over the last few months.

Boras' thoughts might involve having Fernandez pitch for a different club where a long-term future is possible now rather than later.

Fernandez will not be eligible for free agency until after 2018, so the Marlins should be able to maximize the return in a deal involving Fernandez. However, he is the ace on the club's pitching staff and the Marlins should at least attempt to keep him in Miami moving forward.