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Miami Marlins might have to move Scott Boras clients

The rumor is there. Miami might not be open to moving Fernandez, but now it has been mentioned.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Fernandez might not be moved by the Miami Marlins. But the fact it has been mentioned at his point in the off-season is notable.

Sirius XM's Craig Mish reported there is a chance the Marlins move Fernandez this winter Tuesday afternoon. However,'s Joe Frisaro was responded by saying two sources informed him the Marlins ace "is not being shopped." Either way, it now appears to be a possibility. It might not have much to do with Fernandez's performance, though.

Fernandez, who is expected to anchor the Marlins' rotation in the seasons to come, is represented by Scott Boras. Miami is known to have been interested in extending Fernandez, however he reportedly declined the organization's offer. Boras has a reputation for encouraging his players to test the free agent market, and he could be doing the same for Fernandez.

The inability to convince Fernandez to accept a long-term deal might not be enough of a reason to trade him. He is still arbitration eligible and has proven to be a front of the rotation arm and core piece for the Marlins to build around. Even though he spent a majority of the 2015 season on the disabled list, Fernandez is expected to be healthy come 2016.

Several Marlins executives were asked if they would consult Boras when determining an innings limit for Fernandez, and the conclusion was Boras would not be involved in the process.

Boras was not known to have a notably good relationship with the Marlins and it did not get any better when they opted to demote Marcell Ozuna. The agent felt Ozuna did not deserve to be demoted despite struggling for the first few weeks of the season.

Miami did not take kindly to Boras' remarks and President David Samson publicly responded.

"My strong suggestion to Mr. Boras is that instead of resting on his 5 percent that he collects from his stable of players, he write a check and buy a team," Marlins president David Samson told AP. "Then he would have the opportunity to run a team that he claims to be so able to do. Until that time, he is in no position to comment how any Major League Baseball team is operated."

The Marlins only have a limited number of Boras clients on their roster. Ozuna, Fernandez and now Jarred Cosart are all represented by Boras. At this point, it might be most beneficial to move the Boras clients since they might not have long-term futures in Miami.

It could be the reason the Marlins are considering moving Fernandez. If they know there is not a great chance he remains in Miami long-term, they are probably considering moving him now.

Miami should consider moving its Boras clients. They might not be in Miami for much longer anyway.