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2016 Miami Marlins Offseason Plan: Introduction

The Miami Marlins are heading into this offseason with limited options and plenty of needs. How should they address these issues for a successful 2016 campaign?

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Now that we wrapped up our series reviewing the 2015 season for the Miami Marlins, it is time to look forward to the 2016 year, or as much as one can given the state of the Marlins' roster. The Fish likely have a lot of improving to do in order to get to a point where they can expect to be contenders, and it may take more than just next season in order to get there. The Marlins have to decide their course of action despite limited resources heading into a questionable 2016 season.

Luckily for Michael Hill, Mike Berger, and the rest of the Marlins staff, Fish Stripes is here to help!

The Marlins need assistance, and Fish Stripes has their back with the fifth annual Miami Marlins Offseason Plan! Since I have taken over here, I have detailed my thoughts on how the offseason should go for Miami, and after this disappointing campaign, it is business as usual in November. Over the next week, we are going to detail various parts of the background for the plan and start discussing what the Marlins should do with their roster.

Here is an introduction on what you can expect during this offseason series.

- An evaluation of the team's strengths and weaknesses in a SWOT analysis
- An argument as to what the Marlins' goal should be for the 2016 season
- An accounting of the team's resources in terms of likely salary and arbitration cases
- A detailed plan on what moves the Marlins should pursue ahead of the 2016 campaign

The Marlins have a tough year ahead of them, so what can they do to make things easier, and what goals should fans look at as "success?" These are critical questions, and I will attempt to answer them all in the weeks to come as we unveil the 2016 Miami Marlins Offseason Plan! Stay tuned.