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Miami Marlins morning news: Club interested in re-signing Jeff Mathis

Miami wants Jeff Mathis to serve as the backup catcher again in 2016. Plus notes on Dee Gordon and Jose Fernandez.

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Marlins News

Jeff Mathis might not have received a notable amount of playing time last season but he did have an impact in the clubhouse and aided Miami's starters. The Marlins are interested in re-signing Mathis, according to's Joe Frisaro.

President of baseball operations Michael Hill said the Marlins have already "reached out" to Mathis about re-signing. How quickly the two parties could complete a deal is unclear, because the 32-year-old is in a position to explore other possibilities.

Dee Gordon won the Silver Slugger award to cap an impressive awards season.

Giancarlo Stanton is expected to be healthy by the time spring training is set to begin.

Miami's decision to acquire Dee Gordon really paid off in 2015.

Jose Fernandez is expected to be placed on an innings limit. But Scott Boras will not be involved.

Boras was not pleased about the Marlins' decision to keep Marcell Ozuna in the minor leagues.

Miami wants a number two starter in a trade involving Marcell Ozuna this off-season.

The Marlins started looking into the starting pitching market during the general manager meetings last week.

Adeiny Hechavarria wants a major contract extension but the Marlins might not be in a position to give him one.

Henderson Alvarez had an opportunity to anchor the Marlins' pitching staff last season but was sidelined with an injury instead.

Was adding Gordon the best move the Marlins have made in years?

Around the League

Mark Buehrle would sign with the Cardinals if he opts not to retire.

The Phillies acquired Jeremy Hellickson over the weekend.

Boston added Craig Kimbrel to its bullpen Friday afternoon.

Toronto re-signed Marco Estrada to a two-year deal.

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