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Miami Marlins morning news: Other clubs upset Marlins have lowest revenue

Rival clubs are not pleased with the Marlins. Plus notes on Dee Gordon and Giancarlo Stanton.

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Marlins News

Miami has the lowest revenue in all of baseball, and according to CBS Sports' Jon Heyman, rival executives are upset the Marlins receive the most money in revenue sharing.

Some big-market teams are said to be upset that the Marlins are the team with the lowest revenue in baseball, and thus they receive the most money in revenue sharing from the highest-grossing teams despite having a new stadium. Teams sharing their money often has led to upset on the part of the payers, but the extra unhappiness in this case is that monies go to a team with the supposed benefit of a new stadium.

Miami wants a number two starter in a trade involving Marcell Ozuna this off-season.

The Marlins started looking into the starting pitching market during the general manager meetings this week.

Jose Fernandez is expected to be placed on an innings limit in 2016, but Scott Boras will not be involved.

Dee Gordon was named a National League Gold Glove winner at second base.

Gordon was also recently named the Wilson Defensive Player of The Year.

Giancarlo Stanton is expected to be healthy by the time spring training begins.

Agent Scott Boras was not pleased with the Marlins' decision to demote Marcell Ozuna in 2015.

Adeiny Hechavarria wants a major contract extension but the Marlins might not be in a position to give him one.

Henderson Alvarez had an opportunity to anchor the Marlins' pitching staff last season but was sidelined with an injury instead.

Around the League

Aroldis Chapman could be traded before the end of the weekend.

Atlanta is seeking at least one outfielder this winter.

Seattle acquired Joaquin Benoit on Thursday afternoon.

Marco Estrada is discussing a multi-year deal with the Blue Jays.

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