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Agent Scott Boras speaks out against Marlins' decision to demote Marcell Ozuna

Boras believes Ozuna was too talented a player to be sent to Triple-A for six weeks. The Marlins made it clear they disagree.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Boras believes Marcell Ozuna deserved to be in the lineup throughout all of 2015. Ozuna was demoted to Triple-A New Orleans, but according to Clark Spencer of The Miami Herald, Boras felt the Marlins were wrong to demote the struggling center fielder.

While Boras is known to have a good relationship with the Nationals, his relationship with the Marlins might not be getting any stronger in the future. Although the Marlins might not have had a productive outfield option when Ozuna was demoted, the stint in Triple-A could have helped Ozuna, since he batted .317 while not on the Marlins' roster.

Miami might have thought it would have been a quick demotion for Ozuna. However, Ozuna did not thrive initially after joining the Zephyrs. The Marlins' decision to keep him in New Orleans could be tied to the fact it delayed Ozuna's arbitration eligibility. But that was not necessarily the initial thought.

Ozuna, 24, struggled consistently throughout the first half of 2015. He ended the year with a .259/.308/.383 line to complement 10 home runs and 44 RBIs over 123 games with the Marlins.

After Ozuna had difficulty producing to open the year, the Marlins opted to option to him to Triple-A. Ozuna did not react to the demotion well, comparing playing in Triple-A to being let out of jail and ultimately not returning to Miami until August 15.

The Marlins attempted to extend Ozuna last off-season, before he struggled and was optioned. Boras tends to encourage his young clients to pursue a large contract via free agency. Ozuna rejected Miami's proposal.

Though Boras is just standing up for his client, Ozuna is not the only Marlins player Boras represents who was discussed at the General Managers meetings in Boca Raton. President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill said Boras would not be involved in creating a potential innings limit for Jose Fernandez, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald.

Miami is taking note of Boras' comments and President David Samson decided to respond.

"My strong suggestion to Mr. Boras is that instead of resting on his 5 percent that he collects from his stable of players, he write a check and buy a team," Marlins president David Samson told AP. "Then he would have the opportunity to run a team that he claims to be so able to do. Until that time, he is in no position to comment how any Major League Baseball team is operated."

Fernandez, Ozuna and Jarred Cosart are among the Marlins represented by Boras. The Marlins have a clear opinion of Boras' philosophies, however it might be challenging signing Boras clients to extensions or free agent contracts moving forward.