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Join the Fish Stripes team

Join the staff! We have several significant openings.

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FishStripes prides itself on being one of the most timely and informational Marlins sites for daily Miami Marlins coverage. The site exists as a place for those who are passionate about the Marlins to find analysis, news and rumors, and prospect updates, with the best platform available to comment and have open discussions.

Michael and I have done our best to provide consistent Marlins coverage over the course of the last year, and over that span we had several contributors who were very passionate about what they did. Writers come and go, though, and FishStripes keeps moving forward. It is a truly incredible place to be.

The 2015 year was great, but we are now looking to help FishStripes grow into what we know it can and should be. In an effort to do so, we are recruiting writers, and would love to hear from you.

Why consider FishStripes?

The Marlins have a comparatively small fan base, but there is a reason the team's Facebook page has over 500,000 likes. There are quite a few Marlins fans out there, and we are trying to connect to them all. These positions are not paid, but they could be in the future.

One of the best reasons to join FishStripes is for exposure. SB Nation has become a nationally familiar brand, and many writers have gone on to join Baseball Prospectus, FanGraphs, local publications, and even ESPN. It really all depends on what you are personally looking to achieve. While it is true some professional writers have started at an SB Nation team site, we are not here to offer full-time employment.

You can use your experience at FishStripes as a basis for a future career, or as an opportunity to improve on a craft. You can use it as a chance to interact with knowledgeable and inspired readers. You can use it to analyze the game you love, or discuss games, and even plays, in a creative way. Jokes and sarcasm tend to be great and useful sometimes, too.

If you are studying journalism and looking for experience, ask us for more information. We strive to be as professional as possible, and utilize the editing process. And, the best way to gain writing experience is to write.

Long story short, there is a place for everyone with different goals here. Use your voice, and let it be heard.

What positions are available?

There are several different roles to be played at FishStripes:

Analyst- Co-Manager Michael Jong handles almost all of the analysis, but there could always be a need for more. In his words: If analysis is to be your game, you must use a sabermetric-slanted approach. This doesn't mean you have to know everything, but you do need to come somewhat prepared. If you choose another theme, you're in the clear with regards to what and how you do your thing.

Minor League Prospects Coverage- If you enjoy writing about minor league prospects, FishStripes could be the place for you. Ideally, a pair of prospect writers would put together daily minor league reports and keep everyone up to date with Miami's minor league system. Prospect writers would also profile different prospects, most notably following a trade.

News and Fish Bites-A Fish Bites piece covering that day's or the previous day's various Marlins-related links. You would get to choose a day to do this and decide on what links you want to provide, as well as recap the previous day's work on Fish Stripes. Fish Bites pieces are followed by News/Features type articles that expand on one of the articles linked to.

Social Media- There are a lot of Marlins fans out there, and we are looking to connect with them all. If Facebook and Twitter are appealing to you, perhaps the social team is a fit for you. Or maybe you are interested in linking GIFs, videos, or humorous pieces from around the Web. Our FanShots section makes such a role realistic, and we are looking to grow with regard to content and socially.

Regular Season Game Coverage- In addition, writers have to contribute to the game recap rotation. Basically, all of us alternate between games to recap, with a rotation set prior to the beginning of the month's worth of games.

Other- Is there something you love that I forgot to mention? Maybe you have something distinct that you can bring to the table. We are always open to new ideas. Just because it is not listed does not mean it cannot become realistic. You never know until you try.

Our priority is quality content. The way it is created is up to you.


If you have a passion for baseball, and the Marlins specifically, we will have a place for you here. The more experience you have, the better you get. All of us are still learning. That is what makes it fun.

Our lone request is that you be passionate and interested in what you are writing about. Just create the best content. If you are passionate about it, the quality of work will likely reflect that, and we will endorse it.


Interested? Fill out an application here or send it via email along with a resume and around 3 samples of your work to Scott and I at