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The crazy timeline of Dan Jennings and the Marlins GM position

It appears that now Dan Jennings will not return as the Marlins GM.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

With this club, you really just never know.

Ever since the Marlins decided to fire Mike Redmond and replace him with then-GM Dan Jennings in mid-May, the front office has been rather unforthcoming about DJ's current standing and overall future with the club. All there is to go off at this point are reports, which have gone back-and-forth a number of times on what Jennings future is with the Marlins.

The uncertainty surrounding the Marlins' general manager position and Dan Jennings has wavered so much, reflecting uncertainty on both sides.

Sep. 1- Marlins will ask Dan Jennings to step down as Manager at conclusion of season

With just over a month remaining in the season, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Marlins would ask Jennings to step down as the manager at the end of the season. He also reported that the Marlins would leave the door open for Jennings to return to his GM role if he wanted to take it. Jennings was linked to the then-open Seattle Mariners GM position, so it was not set in stone that DJ would be back with the Marlins just yet. Jennings had some interest in returning as the manager, but the Marlins want to bring in someone with experience.

Sep. 10- Marlins 'expect' Jennings to return as GM

Although Jennings has reportedly received interest from the Mariners GM position, the Marlins believe that he will return to the club as their GM, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Jackson also reported that whoever is in the Marlins GM position is behind Michael Hill in personnel decisions.

Oct. 3- More changes coming to Marlins' front office

The status of Dan Jennings remains unclear and the club is planning to move Mike Berger into a GM-type role, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports. The Marlins are attempting to strengthen their front office and is is unclear where Dan Jennings fits in.

Oct. 6- The front office finally speaks

At their end of season press conference, David Sampson and Michael Hill provide some clarity. They confirm that Dan Jennings will not return as the manager in 2016 and that he has been asked to return to his previously held GM role. They also add that DJ has yet to make a decision on whether he was going to return. This seemed to settle everything by creating two possible outcomes: Jennings would return or he would not return, causing the team to have to hire a new GM.

Oct. 12- Jennings agrees to return as GM

Alas, the uncertainty surrounding Dan Jennings return to the Marlins appeared to be solved, as Joe Frisaro reported that Jennings was going to return as the GM. It is unknown if he still has the same amount of power as he did when he left the position, but DJ was going to return to the GM position.

Oct. 26- Marlins are still trying to determine Jennings' role in front office

Even though the club has asked Jennings to return as the GM, they are not sure what responsibilities will come with that role now. David Sampson told DJ to stay home until the Marlins can figure out what role they want him to play within the front office, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Others are gaining power and trust with Jeffry Loria while Jennings has seemingly lost power within the front office. He was also not a part of the meeting with prospective manager, Larry Bowa.

Oct. 27- Jennings unlikely to return as GM

David Sampson has told Jennings not to report to Marlins Park, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Loria did not request for Jennings to be at the meeting with Don Mattingly, which gives insight to what Loria thinks of DJ to this point. There is still a slight chance that Jennings returns, but his role would appear to be extremely reduced. At this point there doesn't seem to be a reason for why Jennings would want to return.

It is impossible to tell when this saga is going to end, but if the final report is true then it could spell the end of Dan Jennings' tenure in Miami. Mike Berger and Jeff McAvoy are on the upswing within the front office and if Jennings is not even a part of the managerial interview process (something he was a part of previously) then it is clear that he has lost a lot of say. Now Jeffrey Loria still may value his views on personnel decisions, but following a season that upset Loria, how much trust could there still be?  It wouldn't make much sense for Jennings to return and, at least for now, it appears like he won't.