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Miami Marlins are still determining Dan Jennings' role

Jennings was asked to return. But then he was told not to do so quite yet.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Jennings was asked to return as the Marlins' general manager. But according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald, President David Samson told Jennings to remain at home in Alabama while the team determines exactly what his role will be.

As has been reported over the last few weeks, Jennings has reportedly lost power within the Marlins' front office. Owner Jeffrey Loria has listened to Mike Berger and Jeff McAvoy, according to Jackson, while Jennings was managing the team. Now, before returning, it appears Jennings wants to know exactly what his role will be.

Although some wondered whether Jennings would return to Miami's front office, the timing is notable because Jennings appeared set on returning to serve as the general manager. At the end of the season, Samson and President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill consistently said Jennings has the opportunity to return. When he agreed to, there did not seem to be any conflict.

Loria has been influenced by others while Jennings was managing, however that is something Jennings likely knew when he agreed to once again serve as the GM. His role might not have been clearly defined, though, since the Marlins have been focused on adding a manager over the last few weeks.

Jackson adds since he was not back to work, Jennings missed the second interview with Larry Bowa. Miami is expected to pursue Don Mattingly, and Jennings, if he has some form of authority within the front office, should be a part of the interview process. If Jennings feels Mattingly is not the right candidate, however, there could be a chance he is overruled and ultimately replaced.

While several other Marlins executives have gained power, Jennings still has the opportunity to oversee the club's roster and transactions. As of now, he is the GM. But if there is any form of a disagreement, there is a good chance Jennings is replaced heading into the off-season.