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Miami Marlins' managerial search could delay off-season planning

The longer it takes, the less time the club has to be active once the season officially ends.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The longer it takes, the less time they will have to prepare for the off-season.

At their season ending press conference, the Marlins made it clear they will conduct a through managerial search. Anywhere from four to 20 candidates could be interviewed. To this point, the list is not quite that extensive.

Miami knows the importance of hiring the manager best suited for managing the club. But time should also be considered too. While the World Series might still be a few weeks away, off-season planning for major league teams with managers in tact has likely already started.

There is not too much that can be done at this point. However, discussing off-season goals could still be realistic.

At this point, the Marlins are known to have interviewed Manny Acta, Bo Porter, Alex Cora and Larry Bowa. They are also known to be notably interested in Don Mattingly. Owner Jeffrey Loria has reportedly developed a relationship with the Dodgers skipper. But it is no guarantee he will be available. While there are high expectations for the Dodgers, he still could be retained. The Dodgers are still playing in the National League Division Series.

Miami wants to upgrade its starting rotation and perhaps add a bat this winter. Marcell Ozuna could also be moved, depending on how the organization views his 2015 numbers. Injuries did plague the Marlins last season, however the club would also likely benefit from upgrading several positions and adding depth. Doing so might be difficult without a manager.

Although it is Miami's front office that makes the personnel decisions, the manager still does have a say. Phil Nevin, for instance, might want to approach the off-season differently than Bowa does. Internal planning is limited when a manager is not in place. And there are not many signs suggesting the Marlins will make a hire in the coming days.

Miami is rightfully taking its time with regard to hiring a manager. But that also means less time to begin thinking about 2016.