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2015 Miami Marlins Season Review

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2016 Miami Marlins Season Preview

The Miami Marlins are looking to embark on an interesting 2016 season. We will have everything you need to get ready for this year in Miami and on Fish Stripes!

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Other relievers

The rest of the Marlins' relief corps played decently over the course of the year, but the outfit as a whole may see some change going forward.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Carter Capps

Carter Capps came back from the minors debuting a brand new delivery that jump-started a dominant relief season before injury ended his 2015 campaign.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: A.J. Ramos

A.J. Ramos took over the Marlins' closer job, but like Steve Cishek before him, his campaign seemed to be split into two different halves.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Steve Cishek

Steve Cishek started the 2015 season as the Marlins' closer, but ended the year recovering on the Cardinals' bullpen.

2015 Marlins Season Review: Other starters

The Marlins sent a flurry of other starters to mixed results to the mound in 2015.

2015 Marlins Season Review: Starter trade pickups

The Marlins acquired two more pitchers who ended up starting a lot of games for the Fish thanks to their injury problems.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Tom Koehler

Tom Koehler completed a quiet complete season as one of the Marlins' starters, though it wasn't a good one.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Mat Latos

Mat Latos had a not-terrible first half disguised with an awful ERA, and was then subsequently traded before his recovery could be completed in full.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Jose Fernandez

The Marlins got 64 strong innings from Jose Fernandez, but they were hidden within another year of injury recovery.

2015 Marlins Season Review: Other bench players

The rest of the Marlins bench went about as expected, with only one interesting exemption who should see more playing time in 2016.

2015 Marlins Season Review: Outfield problems

The remainder of the Marlins' outfield was a mess for much of the 2015 season, from Marcell Ozuna's struggles to Ichiro Suzuki being stretched too far as a regular starter.

2015 Marlins Season Review: Giancarlo Stanton

The Miami Marlins got a monster first half from Giancarlo Stanton. Unfortunately, he once again spent too much time on the disabled list.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Christian Yelich

Christian Yelich's season started off slow, but a spectacular second half elevated his game and he finished with a solid campaign for the Marlins.

2015 Marlins Season Review: Adeiny Hechavarria

The Marlins finally got the Gold Glove-caliber year, both in the numbers and in full view, that they always expected from Adeiny Hechavarria.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Martin Prado

Martin Prado rode a good second half to a solid season for the Marlins in 2015, including a Gold Glove-level performance at third base.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Dee Gordon

Dee Gordon put up one of the best season by a Marlins second baseman ever.

2015 Marlins Season Review: Deposed free agents

The Marlins signed Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Michael Morse to fill in gaps their roster could not fill, but in a very short time period they gave up on both free agents.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Justin Bour

Justin Bour took over the starting first base spot for the Marlins and ran with the position, but still had a mediocre campaign overall.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: J.T. Realmuto

The Marlins handed the catching reigns over to J.T. Realmuto with some reasonable success.

2015 Marlins Season Review: The Mat Latos disaster

The Marlins thought Mat Latos could bring ace-level play to the Fish and traded decent assets to find out. When he finally did play well, it was too little, too late for the team.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Dee Gordon trade

The offseason trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers for Dee Gordon may have changed the course of Marlins history.

2015 Marlins Season Review: Managerial disaster

The Miami Marlins went through two ugly managerial situations in 2015.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Defense

The Marlins posted their first positive fielding campaign in years on the back of improvements from the infield.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Young talent

The Miami Marlins may be light on young talent, but some of their prospects showed promise in 2015.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Injuries

We begin the Marlins Season Review in earnest with one of the worst aspects of the 2015 season: the injuries.

2015 Miami Marlins Season Review: Introduction

The Miami Marlins had a rough 2015 season, and that has led to a difficult set of decisions this upcoming offseason. We introduce our review series for the team's 2015 campaign.

Marlins offense getting away with ground balls

The Miami Marlins have hit a lot of ground balls to start out the 2015 season, and that trend may continue. It generally is not a positive offensive trend.

Season Preview: Giancarlo Stanton's 40-homer odds

Giancarlo Stanton will look to put up a healthy, productive year for the Marlins. What are the odds that year includes a 40-homer campaign?

Most depressing moment of the 2014 Marlins season

The Miami Marlins had a great year this season, but there were two moments that stood out as most depressing to Marlins fans in 2014. Vote on which one got you the most sad faces.

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You have the power to choose the best moments in the 2014 season of the Miami Marlins, as we present the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards!

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