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Marlins news: Miami interested in Pablo Sandoval

Peter Gammons doesn't believe the Giants will resign third baseman Pablo Sandoval, and Gammos believes the Marlins are very interested in the third baseman. Casey McGehee has been solid at third for the Marlins in 2014.

Thearon W. Henderson

Casey McGehee has been solid at third base for the Marlins in 2014, but the Marlins could be interested in adding another third baseman this offseason.

Peter Gammons reported on Tuesday that he believes the San Francisco Giants have virtually no chance of resigning Pablo Sandoval, and noted that the Marlins are very interested in the free agent infielder.

"He is only 28-years old and can really hit," Gammons said on High Heat Tuesday night. "If you're a team like the Marlins, who are very interested, or the Red Sox, who are very intersted, he can go right into the middle of your lineup and give a lot of protection. He is worth the money."

The Marlins have yet to touch on their offseason plans, but aside from wanting to sign Giancarlo Stanton to a long term deal, it has been rumored they are looking to add a bat. Sandoval would be just that, coming off of another solid offensive year.

In 147 games, Sandoval is batting ..284/.331/.429 with 16 home runs and 69 RBIs. He could provide Stanton with protection in the lineup, and would add another power bat to a lineup that has been limited to the home runs of Stanton and Marcell Ozuna for most of the season.

Sandoval likely would be an expensive option, which may make the Marlins hesitant. But if they want to add to the offense, Sandoval could be the ideal candidate.

Signing Sandoval would improve Miami's lineup, but could create a crowded infield. McGehee, who is batting .292 with 70 RBIs, could be a candidate to move to first base. That would be a solution if the Marlins are prepared to move on from Garrett Jones, however that may not be the case considering he is owed $5 million next season.

Sandoval has also been solid defensively, and has posted a 3.5 WAR to compare to McGehee's 2.4 WAR. McGehee had a solid offensive first half, but his bat has slowed down a bit in the second half.

McGehee is arbitration eligible, and it was reported over the summer the Marlins were interested in signing him to an extension as well. Doing so could make the chances of signing Sandoval slim, depending on the attitude towards production at first base.

Miami will have to compete financially if they want to sign Sandoval, considering big market teams such as the Red Sox could likely easily outbid the Marlins. Despite Gammons' belief, there is always the chance that the Giants hold on to Sandoval too.

If Miami wants an offensive upgrade, Sandoval is an experienced option. Getting a deal done may also convince Stanton the Marlins are serious about winning, and improve their offense heading into 2015.