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Jacob Turner DFA: Chicago Cubs claim Turner off revocable waivers

The Chicago Cubs claimed Jacob Turner off of revocable waivers on Wednesday. A trade is likely since Turner would be back on waivers if the Marlins chose to pull him back.

Rob Foldy

Jacob Turner is still an attractive pitching prospect.

Despite the fact the Marlins designated Turner for assignment on Tuesday, several clubs were reportedly interested in adding a young arm and Turner was being looked at. Just shy of a week after the non-waiver trade deadline, the Chicago Cubs claimed Turner off of revocable waivers on Wednesday.

Jim Bowden of ESPN was among the first to report the news.

While it would have been easier to discuss a trade before the non-waiver deadline, the Marlins will now look to see what they can receive for Turner, who was acquired in the Anibal Sanchez/Omar Infante trade with the Detroit Tigers.

A deal is likely, of course, because Turner was designated for assignment and therefore would ultimately go back onto waivers if Miami were to pull him back. In that event, the same waiver priority order would apply. Only the Rockies (worst record in the National League) had a higher priority than the Cubs, meaning that Colorado passed on the chance to add the 23-year-old, once-hyped righty.

After he was designated, several organizations were thought to be intrigued by the possibility of adding Turner to their respective rotations. The Cubs were among them, having developed Jake Arrieta, who is having a solid season.

Turner pitched to a 4-7 record to complement a 5.97 ERA and 1.65 FIP in 2014, but is a young and controllable arm who can become a consistent ground ball-type pitcher if he can find the strike zone with frequency.

It is unlikely Turner is pulled off of waivers by the Marlins, but if it were to happen, only the Colorado Rockies would have a chance at putting in a claim before the Cubs.

Miami will likely add a very minor league prospect in any trade, but designating Turner was the only choice since he was out of options.

Considering the Marlins felt Turner will not be able to become a consistent major league starter, a deal involving a potential minor prospect may be beneficial.