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Giancarlo Stanton is 'all in' on staying with Miami Marlins

Following the non-waiver trade deadline, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe noted teams have come to the realization Giancarlo Stanton is not going to be traded. Cafardo also wrote that Stanton appears to be all in on remaining with the Marlins.

Rob Foldy

Giancarlo Stanton is still not going anywhere.

Having not been traded before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, Stanton has already been categorized as a player who can be traded if claimed. But Miami Marlins General Manager Dan Jennings has been adamant about the fact that Stanton is unavailable, and that led to other teams exploring other options before the July deadline.

Boston is one team that has been consistently connected to Stanton, however since he was deemed off limits, the Red Sox turned to Yoenis Cespedes instead.

The Marlins are expected to begin extension talks with Stanton this offseason, and Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe reported Stanton is "all in" when it comes to staying with Miami.

It seems as if the Red Sox and other teams have finally come to the realization that Stanton isn’t going anywhere. The theme has been repeated constantly by GM Dan Jennings, who really believes that owner Jeffrey Loria will step up and get a deal done even if it’s a Robinson Cano/Albert Pujols type of contract. That could be a reason why the Red Sox obtained Cespedes, who obviously isn’t as good but has the power and athleticism to improve. This offseason will be telling on the Stanton front. He has a home in Miami and feels the organization is going in the right direction, so, for now, he seems to be all in on staying with the Marlins.

Stanton has proven he can remain healthy to this point in 2014, and has posted a .293/.392/.551 line to complement 74 RBIs and 26 home runs. He has been the key to a notable offensive turnaround and for the most part has been consistent in the heart of Miami's order.

Considering what it will take to sign Stanton and the comparatively miniscule payroll Jeffrey Loria likes to work with, it will be interesting to see if he does receive a Cano or Pujols type deal. Miami was close to signing Pujols, however was off in the number of years and salary for each season.

Keeping Stanton in Miami has also seemed like a challenge considering his background. Stanton grew up in Los Angeles, and in April The Miami Herald reported the Dodgers would be the favorite to the land Stanton if he doesn't sign a long term deal with the Marlins.

Before making a decision on his future, Stanton wanted to see if the Marlins are moving in the right direction, and they appear to be. A young pitching staff without Jose Fernandez has held up, and veteran bats have complemented the younger ones well.

It may be a bit too soon to say Stanton is "all in" on remaining with the Marlins. But not trading him and remaining competitive are steps in the right direction.