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MLB Scores: Miami Marlins 2, St. Louis Cardinals 5

Nathan Eovaldi failed to hold back the tide of the St. Louis Cardinals, as the Miami Marlins were shut down by Justin Masterson and the Cards for a 5-2 loss.

Rob Foldy

The Miami Marlins were chasing the sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, but the sweep was broken up early against Nathan Eovaldi and the Fish. In the third inning, Eovaldi faced runners on first and third with two outs and hit a 3-1 count against Matt Holliday, the first time in the evening where he ran into significant resistance. With Jose Fernandez on the call, he ended up walking Holliday and bringing up the lefty Matt Adams. Adams got a two-strike count, but delivered a single up the middle to plate the first two runs of the game.

In the fifth, Jordany Valdespin and Garrett Jones cost the Marlins another run. On a grounder that looked like a double play ball off of Holliday's bat, Valdespin failed to make the turn and tossed an errant grounder over to Jones, who let the ball skip past him. The combined error let another run through instead of ending the inning. Valdespin struck again in the sixth, as he botched a routine ground ball by Oscar Taveras to extend the inning for Eovaldi. Jon Jay doubled and Justin Masterson, the pitcher, singled to right field to bring in the fourth run.

Overall, Eovaldi struck out four batters and only walked one, but gave up eight hits en route to two earned runs (four total).

Miami's offense failed to get off the snide throughout the game. The Marlins did not score until the ninth inning, when Jeff Baker hit a two-run homer to make it a meaningless 5-2 contest. The team picked up only five hits on the night, and Masterson dominated with three strikeouts and no walks or runs allowed in seven innings.

Source: FanGraphs

Attendance: 20,044
Hero of the Game: No one
Goat of the Game: Nathan Eovaldi (-0.192 WPA)
Play of the Game: Matt Adams singled to right in the third inning. Jon Jay and Matt Carpenter scored. Matt Holliday advanced to third.