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2014 MLB Home Run Derby Live Thread and Ichthyomancy

Giancarlo Stanton is representing the Miami Marlins in the 2014 MLB Home Run Derby. Is he tonight's winner?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins have a representative in the 2014 MLB Home Run Derby, and Giancarlo Stanton has the best odds to win the whole thing for Miami. But will he beat out the nine other competitors, with five competitors in each league including Stanton, for the ultimate home run crown in one of the funnest events in the regular season? Stanton's odds are excellent, but defending champion Yoenis Cespedes is back to defend the crown amid the crowd.

Fish Stripers, you have a chance to follow along tonight at 8 PM EST on ESPN, and you can do so along with the rest of us on Fish Stripes! You can also get some major points on Ichthyomancy, which is a perfect way to move up in the rankings so far! You can get your picks in tonight! Here is the format:

1. In the comment title line, list your expected winner. Picking the correct winner is worth 3 points!
2. In the first line of the comments, pick the largest number of home runs in one round. The person with the closest number of points is worth 5 points!
3. Pick the first round advancing players. Each correct pick is worth 1 point!
4. Pick the second round advancing players. Each correct pick is worth 1 point!
5. Pick the winner in each league. Each correct pick is worth 2 points!

If you get every pick right, you could pick up 12 points tonight! That is a huge swing in the Ichthy standings and an excellent way to catch up! Make you picks as soon as you can and follow along tonight with the rest of the Fish Stripes crew!