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MLB Draft 2014: Miami Marlins Day 2 Recap

Through 10 rounds of the 2014 MLB Draft, the Miami Marlins have drafted on big tools and interesting names.

Rich Schultz

This is the first draft in the post-Beinfest regime, although many pieces of that front office are still intact. The results through the first 10 picks couldn't be more different, however. In the last 5 years, the Marlins have never selected more than four high schoolers in the first 10 rounds of any draft. The Marlins selected SEVEN prep players this year, and only opted for one college senior (and that senior happened to be the best pitcher in the PAC-12 this year). It will be interesting to see how the signing process goes with all these young guys, but you have to like the early aggression from the front office.

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3rd Round - Brian Anderson, 2B (6'3", 185 pounds):
21 years old (JR), University of Arkansas
After selecting 3 young high school talents on Day 1 of the MLB Draft, the Marlins chose Anderson as their first college pick. Playing in the SEC, Anderson led his team in a high level of competition playing a few different positions and eventually settling at second base. Anderson's bat has the ability to hit for both average and power, with the hope of becoming an above-average offensive middle infielder in the majors. Anderson also pitched in high school and college and has a huge arm, which may push him from 2B to 3B or even the outfield.

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Supp. Round - Michael Mader, LHP (6'2", 195 pounds): 
20 years old (SO), Chipola College (JUCO)
The only JUCO selection in the first 10 rounds for the Marlins, Mader is solid lefty who has had a lot of success at the highest level of JUCO competition. Scouts saw a big increase in velocity this year with his fastball jumping from 90mph to 95mph. Outside of the fastball, there is potential for a plus slider but not much else. Most scouts project him as a power reliever, but he'll get the opportunity to stay in a starter's role for now. Should he not sign, he is committed to Florida State University.

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4th Round - Brian Schales, SS (6'1", 185 pounds):
18 years old, Edison HS (CA)
A relative unknown in the draft community, Brian Schales has a four year history of success in a very competitive high school setting in Southern California. Schales has shown an above-average hit tool with a quick and repeatable stroke. There's also a lot of room for strength with potential for sizable power from a middle infield spot. He's committed to baseball powerhouse, Long Beach State University.

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5th Round - Casey Soltis, CF (6'1", 185 pounds): 
19 years old, Granada HS (CA)
The Marlins have seemingly saved some money with a few of their early selections. This is a spot they may need to use some of those savings. Soltis is an all-around player with skills across the board. Defensively, he's an above-average runner that takes great routes and shows good overall instincts. From the plate, he has a quick stroke and can hit to all fields. He has also shown potential plus power which will help, in case he needs to move to a corner outfield spot. Scouts love this guy's makeup and love for the game. Most analysts thought he would go in the second or third round, so if the Marlins can keep him from the University of Oregon, they will get good value for this selection.

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6th Round - Chris Sadberry, LHP (6'0", 195 pounds):
22 years old (JR), Texas Tech University
Teams have a bonus pool for the first 10 rounds each year that they aren't allowed to exceed. In these rounds you'll see a lot of "cheap seniors" get selected. Sadberry is not a senior, but he is likely to sign below slot. However, he does have a history of success and some ability to get hitters out with a downhill fastball that reaches 93-94mph range. He also has an average slider, but is basically just a two-pitch guy. If everything goes right for him, he could definitely be a solid reliever at the major league level. You can watch him this weekend in the Super Regional, facing off against the College of Charleston.

7th Round - Anfernee Seymour, SS/OF (5'11", 165 pounds): 
18 years old, American Heritage School (FL)
When we talk about players with one big tool, we talk about Seymour. He might be the fastest player in the draft, with true 80 speed on the 20/80 scale. From the Bahamas, Seymour moved stateside to attend American Heritage School in Plantation, FL. In addition to his lights out speed he also has an above average arm, which makes the left side of the infield and center field options for him defensively. As you could guess, he doesn't have much pop in his bat but he does make a lot of contact, rarely walking or striking out. Seymour is a project in the truest sense, but the speed is eye-popping.

8th Round - Stone Garrett, OF (6'2", 200 pounds): 
18 years old, George Ranch HS (TX)
Like 7th rounder Seymour, Stone Garrett is another project with one big tool: power. Garrett is a supreme athlete that looks like he's made of... stone (Editor's note: Womp womp). rated him as the 252nd best prospect in the draft and scouts thought he could go in the first few rounds if he had shown a little bit more ability with the bat. Garrett profiles as your prototypical corner outfielder with above-average speed, plus arm, and big power ability. He is committed to Rice University and could be a tough sign.

9th Round - Ben Wetzler, LHP (6'1", 210 pounds): 
22 years old (SR), Oregon State University
An interesting pick in an interesting draft. Wetzler's draft position really couldn't be predicted after he was suspended for the first three weeks of the season for violating NCAA's "no-agent" rule after getting selected by the Phillies in the fifth round of the 2013 Draft. Scouts also saw Wetzler's velocity dip this season from the 90-91 they are used to seeing him throw. On the other hand, Wetzler absolutely dominated the PAC-12 to the tune of a 0.78 ERA over 104 IP where he only allowed 49 hits and 31 walks compared to 83 SO. He fits the profile of a deceptive lefty and might have one of the best changeups in the draft.

10th Round - Dillon Peters, LHP (5,10", 210 pounds): 
21 years old (JR), University of Texas
The Marlins finished their second day at the 2014 Draft by selecting a very solid college arm with Dillon Peters. Peters' family is a baseball family with multiple generations of professional players surrounding him. Peters touched 96 in high school and was drafted by the Phillies, but always planned on attending college. His velocity has dipped, but he has had a lot of success in the Big 12; a high quality baseball environment. He has a four pitch arsenal, though none of the pitches are better than slightly above average. Peters finds his success by commanding all four of his pitches extremely well. He's one of those guys who just know how to pitch, though his ceiling is probably the back end of an average rotation.

All in all, some really interesting selections. Personally, I'm most excited about Brian Anderson, Casey Soltis, and Ben Wetzler (maybe the biggest wildcard selection yet). Stay tuned for more tomorrow as we wrap up coverage for the 2014 Draft.