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MLB Draft 2014: A day in the life of Tyler Kolek

The Miami Marlins drafted Tyler Kolek with their first round pick last night. Here is a video of a day in the life of Tyler and his brother Stephen Kolek in Shepherd, Texas.

The Miami Marlins went with their historical tendencies and opted for whom they felt was the best talent in the draft in hard-throwing right-hander Tyler Kolek. Kolek touches triple-digits on his fastball as a starter and may have the hardest fastball of the draft's modern era, but he remains a project coming of Shepherd High School in Texas.

One can tell he is still a fun-loving high schooler in this video with brother Stephen, provided to me by StudentSports. Here, the Kolek's filmed a day in their life, including their pre- and post-rituals after a disappointing loss in a recent tournament, their daily hard work at the 10,000 acre ranch in which they and their family live, and the workouts they go through routinely as pitching prospects in Texas.

It was a nice view of what type of character Marlins fans are getting in Kolek. Clearly, he is a fun-loving guy who enjoys his fishing, hunting, and all other manner of southern / Texas activities. He also seems to take his work and responsibilities seriously, as he diligently went out early in the morning for the ranch's work. This shows commitment and good character, things that the Marlins are also hoping to see out of the young man.

Stephen Kolek is seen pitching primarily, as Tyler holds a camera. One of the most interesting shots in the video is Tyler doing the catching for Stephen's practice tosses; that has to be a harrowing experience without a lot of gear!

What do you Fish Stripers think? Like what you see of Tyler Kolek so far?