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MLB Draft 2014: Miami Marlins select Blake Anderson with 36th pick in MLB Draft

The Miami Marlins make a surprising move in the competitive balance round, as the Fish use the 36th pick in the draft to take West Lauderdale High School catcher Blake Anderson.

Who else might be wearing the tools of ignorance for the future Miami Marlins?
Who else might be wearing the tools of ignorance for the future Miami Marlins?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins made a reach of a selection in the competitive balance round A of the 2014 MLB Draft, as the Fish selected little-heralded prep catcher Blake Anderson out of West Lauderdale High School in Mississippi. Anderson was not highly regarded by most prospect circles; Baseball America and's Kiley McDaniel were among the various sources that said that Anderson did not make their top 200-plus prospects in this year's draft. The consensus was that Anderson was slated for a third or fourth round selection.

However, there are tools to be had, and McDaniel mentions that some teams were higher on him than others.

It is possible Miami was one of those teams, hence the potential reach on this pick. Anderson has a decent power tool, plays catcher with plus ability, and has the ability to pitch, though he worked primarily as a catcher in his high school career. Miami has a few catchers in their minor league system and Jarrod Saltalamacchia in the majors, so there is no need to rush him, but the Fish have another project with the potential to hit but a good bit of uncertainty to his offensive game.

Given the lack of regard and the fact that he still has a lot of room (and need) to grow as a prep player, this has been widely considered a reach for the Marlins. Miami will likely be able to sign Anderson away from Southern Miss, to whom he is currently committed. What will the team do with its final pick of tonight's draft? Stay tuned to Fish Stripes to find out!