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Miami Marlins' Jake Marisnick named minor league player of the month

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Miami Marlins outfielder Jake Marisnick was named the minor league player of the month for the month of May. But with the play of Marcell Ozuna, is Marisnick's success notable?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As he progressed throughout Miami's minor league system, Marlins outfield prospect Jake Marisnick was never thought to be an offensively-talented athlete. Marisnick's defense has been noted as "significantly above average," but his lack of success at the plate prevented him from opening the season with the Marlins.

Healthy and in the process of becoming consistent, Marisnick on Tuesday was named the Marlins' minor league player of the month.

Marisnick has posted a .262/.307/.395 slash line to begin the 2014 campaign. He has driven in 26 runs and stolen 15 bases, and is slowly becoming the well-rounded player the Marlins thought he was when they requested that he be included in the package that was sent to Miami in November of 2012.

After looking good throughout spring training, Marisnick saw time with the Marlins last year after Marcell Ozuna got injured. In 2013 with Miami, he posted a .183/.231/.248 line and drove in just five runs.

Although he is having a productive season in Triple-A, his offensive success may become insignificant. Marcell Ozuna is batting .271 and has already driven in 39 runs to complement a 1.3 WAR. The Marlins dealt Justin Ruggiano to the Cubs because they were confident Ozuna could become consistent, and Ozuna has proven early he can be just that.

With the success of Christian Yelich in left field and the All-Star caliber numbers of Giancarlo Stanton, promoting Marisnick now would mean promoting him to sit on the bench.

While Miami has high hopes for Marisnick, if the organization feels Ozuna is the true solution, he could be involved in a summer trade. Their depth is what the Marlins are confident in right now, but Marisnick has seemingly turned things around. The Marlins just don't have space for him.

Another successful run and the Marlins may indeed be tempted to promote Marisnick and find playing time for him, somewhere and somehow. His early offensive approach is notably effective, but with the early productivity of Marcell Ozuna, Marisnick's numbers may not mean much to the Marlins.