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2014 MLB Draft: Miami Marlins infield depth

The Marlins organization as a whole is a fairly weak when it comes to infield depth. Who has a future in the Majors, and where do the Marlins need the most help?

Avery Romero is one of the few interesting infield prospects on the Marlins.
Avery Romero is one of the few interesting infield prospects on the Marlins.
Joel Auerbach

It's never a great strategy for organizations to draft based on needs. However, most years it ends up happening because where there is a hole or a weakness in a system, it only makes sense to try to fix it. The Marlins in the past have recognized this and chances are depth probably played a role in their taking Colin Moran in the the first round last year. After another calendar year has passed, the Marlins infield depth as an organization still remains its weakest aspect. Here is a quick glance at each position.


Jarrod Saltalamacchia has been terrific this season. However, he's only signed under contract for two more years and the Marlins will probably look at trading him at some point. Aside from Salty, the farm system contains Kyle SkipworthRob Brantly, and J.T. Realmuto. Although each of these prospects has shown great promise at times, none of them look like they will be able to be relied upon in the future. The Marlins depth at catcher is certainly a lot better than it was last year, and it's actually quite decent compared to other teams around the league, but they will need one of their young catchers to step up down the line when Saltalamacchia moves on.

First Base

32-year-old Garrett Jones is quite obviously not a long-term solution for the Marlins at first base. He appears to be on the decline and the Marlins likely wouldn't hesitate to hand down his duties to a younger player. Unfortunately, there aren't that many more options in the system. Mark Canha and Viosergy Rosa are really the only viable future first base options in the system unless someone switches positions. Both of them need a lot of improvement and neither is even close to ready to being able to handle Major League pitching. First baseman are hard to find through the draft, but Miami might need to consider looking at a player that they could imagine holding down first at Marlins Park in years to come.

Second Base

Derek Dietrich is the player that the Marlins desperately want to become their second baseman of the future. Whether or not he will develop into the slugger that we all are hoping for is still untold. Aside from Dietrich, Donovan Solano is the second baseman that can help the Marlins in the next couple years, and he's more of a bench player. The Marlins third-round pick in 2012, Avery Romero, is a player that should compete for this starting job down the line. He is a great athlete who probably has more sound potential than Dietrich. Still, he's playing in Greensboro this season and is likely two to three years away. Overall, the Marlins depth at second is solid.


Adeiny Hechavarria has shown great improvement in 2014 after a terrible season last year. In a small sample size, Hechavarria has been slightly more valuable at bat and appears to be playing with much more confidence. While this is great to see, the Marlins lack of depth at this position is frightening. Aside from Hechavarria, Danny Black and Austin Nola are the only minor league shortstops that come to mind. Nola is probably going to be a bench player and Black is not a legitimate option down the line. If there was one position the Marlins should draft for need, it would definitely be shortstop.

Third Base

The Marlins current third-base situation at the Majors has been controlled by free agent acquisition Casey McGehee. McGehee has done a great job at providing leadership on the teams and most importantly, he's hitting. However, McGehee is a 31-year-old who hadn't posted a WAR above 0.0 since 2010. Fortunately, the Marlins addressed this need last season by drafting Colin Moran. Moran is still aways away from the Majors, but he could make an appearance at Marlins Park sooner than most think because of his maturity as a hitter. Colin Moran is the Marlins third baseman of the future and that's something to be excited about.