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2014 MLB Draft: Miami Marlins draft picks and resources

A quick glance at the Marlins budget for the MLB draft and the importance of this year's draft for the future of Marlins baseball.

The Marlins would have to take Carlos Rodon if he was still available at #2, right?
The Marlins would have to take Carlos Rodon if he was still available at #2, right?

Despite having the second pick in the draft, the Marlins have a higher signing bonus draft pool than any other team in baseball. With a pool just over $14 million, the Marlins have the opportunity to spend a ridiculous amount of money in this draft. That's a result of the second overall pick and two competitive balance picks. Even if the Marlins resort to their thrifty ways, they are still going to spend a lot more than other teams in the first few rounds. The Marlins are set up to have one of the best drafts in their franchise history due to their sheer number of early picks and the money they have available to spend on them.

As Jim Callis wrote for, the Marlins have spent as much as $8 million in the draft only once, in 2005. There is no doubt in my mind that the Marlins will eclipse that mark in this upcoming draft. The Marlins have quickly become the talk of the draft, as everyone is curious as to how they plan on approaching their difficult situation. If the Marlins get this draft right, they will have found at least three players that they can rely to form a winning ballclub in the future. On the other hand, if the Marlins find a way to miss on all of their top picks, it will be considered one of the worst drafts that baseball has ever seen. This draft is crucial for the Marlins, more so than any other draft in franchise history.

Relevant Draft Picks

First Round: 2nd overall
Competitive Balance Round A: 36th overall (Compensation: did not sign Matt Krook in 2014)
Competitive Balance Round A: 39th overall
Second Round: 43rd overall
Third Round: 77th overall
Supplemental Round: 106th overall (Compensation: did not sign Ben Deluzio in 2014)