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Miami Marlins vs. Colorado Rockies: Game 4 Thread and Ichthyomancy

The Miami Marlins will try for the series win today versus the Colorado Rockies, with Jacob Turner taking on former reliever Franklin Morales.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins and Colorado Rockies face off in the finale of their four-game season opening set, and the Fish are looking for the series win. It will be Jacob Turner on the mound today for Miami facing former reliever Franklin Morales.

Apologies for the late game thread, I have been working all evening and was not privy to the early start. No Ichthyomancy today, unfortunately, but we will be present for the game between the promising former reliever and a promising former top prospect in Turner.

The Marlins will start Jeff Baker at second base and still work Garrett Jones out against the lefty Morales, while the team opts to start Jeff Mathis in place of Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Not a bad choice given Mathis's superior defense and surprisingly similar projections versus lefties as Saltalamacchia, but the decision to continue to start Jones is a puzzling one. The idea was that Baker would serve as the team's platoon partner for Jones, but the Marlins have faced three lefties and sent Jones out each time, much to the chagrin of Marlins fans everywhere.

Bold Prediction: Rockies def. Marlins 5-2