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Miami Marlins' Casey McGehee feels at home

Looking at the Miami Marlins home and away records, it is not surprising that Marlins Park has been a welcome retreat for many of the Miami Marlins players. No Marlin player, however, is hitting as well at home as new Marlins third baseman Casey McGehee.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

During a 2013 season exiled to the Japanese League, Miami Marlins third baseman Casey McGehee found that getting regular at bats allowed him to hone his approach. This new approach has paid dividends thus far in 2014 as McGehee has shot out of the gates with an impressive start to the season.

"It's easier when you're playing every day. Not that you don't want to get a hit every time you go up there, but it's a little bit easier to stick with a plan and work an approach, and you know over the long haul that it's going to play," McGehee said.

Nowhere has McGehee's early success been more evident than at Marlins Park, where McGehee is posting an eyebrow-raising .340/.407/.468 triple slash line (contrasted with a less than impressive .214/.267/.250 away from home).

Overall, the 31-year old is batting .293 with five doubles, and one triple.

The cavernous confines of Marlins Park have kept McGehee homer-less thus far, but all that space has nevertheless been a benefit rather than a detriment, says McGehee.

"There are a lot of places to get hits," McGehee said. "Hitting the ball out of the ballpark is a little more of a challenge here than at some other places. But I feel like I'm strong enough that if I do catch one good, I will be able to drive it out of the ballpark. But I think if you go up with that as your sole goal it's going to make for a long year."

"If you hit the ball hard [in Marlins Park], you've got a chance," McGehee says.