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Miami Marlins vs. Washington Nationals: Game 10 Thread and Ichthyomancy

The Miami Marlins will try to avoid the sweep at the hands of the Washington Nationals, with Tom Koehler on the mound versus Stephen Strasburg.

Mike Ehrmann

Get out the broom breakers, because the Miami Marlins are trying to bust up a sweep.

The Miami Marlins and Washington Nationals are going to face off this afternoon in a matchup of disproportionate pitching talents, with the goal for the Fish to avoid the sweep at the hands of the Nats. The first game of the series was disappointing, the second was heartbreaking, but the third one, at least based on the starters, should look more like the former rather than the latter.

Pitching Matchup
4.66 3.41 3.00 Koehler Strasburg 6.10 2.85 2.89

This does not seem fair. Tom Koehler struck out just one batter in holding the San Diego Padres to two runs in six innings, so he isn't exactly a world-beater on the mound. Strasburg isn't exactly the dominant force he was projected to be out of college three years ago, but that's what happens when you have Tommy John surgery. Still, he's turned out to be "just" an All-Star player, and that's something Koehler cannot currently fathom.


No lineup as of writing Fish Stripers, so you'll have to help me out on this one.


- I won't be in for this game, still working throughout the afternoon start. Who shall be around today?

Bold Prediction: Nationals def. Marlins 5-1