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Fish Stripes 2014 Top Marlins Prospects: #3 Colin Moran

2013 first-round pick Colin Moran will have a chance to provide the Marlins with a reliable bat at the hot corner in the future.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

3. Colin Moran, 3B
2013, 1st round out of University of North Carolina
Age: 21 Height: 6'4" Weight: 190 lbs.

Heading into the 2013 MLB Amateur Draft, Colin Moran, a third baseman out of North Carolina, was the surest bat on the market. Moran, a 6'4'' left-handed hitter that definitely looks the part, seems to have been a solid choice by the Marlins organization. Teams usually don't draft for need in the top ten picks, but the Marlins haven't had a consistent third baseman in quite some time, so choosing Moran could really pay off. Moran slides in at 3 on this list because he will move quickly through the system and his sweet swing should bring him stellar results in the majors down the line.

Moran is a solid all-around player but where he sets himself apart from the pack is at the plate.  He has fantastic plate discipline, bat speed, and his comfortability in any situation at the plate makes him a great candidate to hit for average down the line. One criticism of Moran is that he won't hit for much power, but only time will tell to see whether or not this becomes a major concern. Defensively, Moran has a strong arm and soft hands over at third base, but he will need to improve his footwork. Overall, Moran has the tools in place right now to be an above-average player in the Majors, but if he wants to be a perennial All-Star he will need to hit for more power, continue to hit for average, and prove that he can play better defense at third.

In his junior season at the University of North Carolina in 2013, Colin Moran hit .345 with 13 HR's and a .470 on-base percentage. After being drafted, in 175 plate appearances with Greensboro in the Sally League, Moran hit .299/.354/.442 with four homers. That's impressive considering he got off to a fairly slow start. Overall, Moran has put up numbers for every team he has played on so far, so I am looking forward to seeing how he will handle adversity if he struggles in the upcoming season.

Colin Moran should probably start the 2014 season in the Florida State League with the Jupiter ballclub. However, I expect him to absolutely dominate the league and he should in Jacksonville sooner rather than later. In a perfect world, Colin Moran would steal the starting job for Miami in Spring Training of 2015. Colin Moran is going to play a big role in determining how successful the Marlins franchise is going to be in five years. Hopefully he'll be able to reach his potential and become a middle of the lineup All-Star third baseman for a team obviously in need.