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Spring Training 2014: Fish Stripes schedule

With Spring Training officially beginning soon, we want to discuss what we will be doing during the preseason and all throughout the year right here at Fish Stripes.

Here at Fish Stripes, we're preparing for the 2014 season too!
Here at Fish Stripes, we're preparing for the 2014 season too!
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The Miami Marlins are preparing to begin their 2014 season, with the official start of full-on Spring Training coming up on February 20. That means that Fish Stripes is also ramping up its coverage of the regular season for this year. We pride ourselves on providing the very best coverage of the Miami Marlins, and we will continue to do that right along this year. What can you expect from us this Spring Training?

- All the latest Marlins news and information, including team schedule for the Spring Training season

- Daily reports on each important member of the Miami Marlins roster. We will preview their season, project them, and eventually total it up and see where the team might end up.

- Weekly coverage of the position battles in camp. Who is in and who is out of the rotation and bullpen at the moment? We'll let you know.

- Continuing coverage of the Marlins' top 20 prospects from our gurus Sam and Eric.

And once the regular season begins, what can you expect to see from us?

- The daily analysis and opinionated work you have come to know and love from this site

- Fish Bites as often as possible, where we gather up the very best of Marlins-related links

- All your news coverage of the Fish

- Marlins Minor League Reports, everyday coverage of the happenings in the minors by Sam and Eric

- Weekly articles by Sam regarding the farm system

And here at Fish Stripes, we are planning more and more coverage as we continue our quest to cement our stance as the place to be for all of your Marlins needs. I hope you stay tuned with us all throughout the season, and tune in later this week when we discuss what you can do to contribute and let yourself be heard here at Fish Stripes!