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Miami Marlins invited Dan Haren to press conference

Miami invited Haren, however because he has yet to make a decision, did not attend. Plus other notes from Friday's press conference.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

MIAMI--When the Miami Marlins acquired Dan Haren in the trade with Los Angeles last week, the club was unsure if he would retire like he had threatened to do. Haren wants to remain on the West Coast, and likely won't make a decision until January. Although he did not attend, President of Baseball Operations Michael Hill invited Haren to Friday's press conference at Marlins Park.

"We extended the invitation," Hill said. "I reached out to Dan and his representatives. Respectul to his process, he is still working through it. We're going to give him the time that he needs. I just continue to stress to him this is a good team. It's a very good team, and he would fit nicely. I left it at that. We haven't put any timelines [on the decision]. We extended the invitation that we wanted him to be here. He is still working through the process."

Hill also touched on several other topics:

*On Giancarlo Stanton:

"He is good to go. He's working out. He's in the cage. Getting ready for hopefully another MVP season. Everything is great. And I think he's happy."

*On Jose Fernandez

"Jose is great. He is on his program progressing. Nothing to report other than he is following protocol and we will continue to follow his program."

*On  Rotation

"I love our starter depth. With Haren we have seven guys competing coming into spring training not even including our upper level minor league depth. I think we have more than enough that create a formidable rotation. We just wanted to be as strong as we can be coming out of the box."

*On Extension Talks

"We really just focused on the Winter Meetings and trying to do the deals that we were able to consummate. We always knew that those discussions were exploratory and ongoing. They're our players, they aren't going anywhere."