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Michael Morse signing makes Miami Marlins 'team to watch'

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Miami signed Morse to a two-year contract on Tuesday. Here are some reactions from around the league.

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Several writers love the trade, including Grant over at McCovey Chronicles:

-Michael Morse signs with Marlins - McCovey Chronicles

Postseason hero and gigantic human being Michael Morse has traded in the orange and black for ... turquoise and, uh, electric persimmon.

-Marlins sign Michael Morse, add to impressive offseason haul | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports

The Marlins haven't been the darlings of the offseason. Chicago leads the league in that category. But the Marlins have improved their roster enough to make them contenders in the NL East next season. The Phillies are breaking down. The Braves are retooling. The Mets have the pitching, but the offense is a question mark. The Nats are clearly the class of the NL East, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Marlins challenging for second place in 2015.

-Marlins full of intrigue after roster reshaping |

Michael Morse does two things for the Miami Marlins, both significant. First, he continues the momentum that began with the signing of Giancarlo Stanton. Second, Morse adds to a team that already looked capable of contending for a postseason berth in 2015. At the time of the Stanton signing, the Marlins promised there would be more to come, that they intended to upgrade the talent level up and down the roster. That they have done, first with the trades for Dee Gordon, Dan Haren and Mat Latos and now with Morse agreeing to a two-year deal.

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Chatter on the Marlins’ biggest off-season acquisitions, with views from four major-league scouts and the Marlins.

Not sure if the Panthers should be in this category yet, but the Marlins should be a team to watch.

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Yelich may be able to lead off too: