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Vote for the most depressing moment of the 2014 Marlins season

The Miami Marlins had a great year this season, but there were two moments that stood out as most depressing to Marlins fans in 2014. Vote on which one got you the most sad faces.

There are really only two choices, right?
There are really only two choices, right?
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The Miami Marlins had a great season in 2014, and it had much to be happy about. But the Fish had some sad moments too. Thankfully nothing hit hard or close to home to the good folks on the Fish, as no one suffered a tragic end or anything of the sort. We can all be thankful that everyone in the Marlins family is still alive and well.

But depressing moments hit home this season, even without tragedy. Two in particular stood out as clearly head and tails above the rest, and we will feature them right here for your vote in the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards. Which moment was more depressing for you as a Marlins fan?

1. Jose Fernandez injury

The news struck and hit hard on us immediately. When we found out that Jose Fernandez was going to miss the rest of the season with an elbow injury and Tommy John surgery, we as a group of fans lamented the loss. But perhaps more importantly, all of baseball lamented the loss. Losing Jose Fernandez is not just a local problem. Everyone enjoys watching Jose Fernandez play, and the outpouring of disappointment from the entire group of fans all around baseball was telling.

When Fernandez went down, we all felt it.

The recovery is going well so far, with Jose already going into a throwing program.

Jose has all of the right attitude to play this game that he enjoys and to recover from this awful injury. We here hope he never has to go through this again, in part because we hope the entire MLB-watching nation does not have to miss out on more Jose Fernandez.

2. Giancarlo Stanton's Injury

I think what got us on Stanton's injury was just how difficult it was to watch. That Mike Fiers fastball hit him clean in the maxilla and was coming in decently hot in the low-90's. The sound coming off of the face was gruesome. The few glimpses of Stanton's face were ugly. The whole somber note that fell upon the stadium was scary to behold. For a while, we were truly left wondering how bad the whole situation was.

Then the next pitch happened, the anger flowed out, and really, it was probably just a sign of how upset and disappointing the last pitch was. Casey McGehee and Garrett Jones were just concerned about how bad Stanton might have been hurt when they found themselves at ejection's doorstep.

The Stanton injury derailed an otherwise amazing season that was about to break some records most likely, but everyone immediately afterward was more concerned about what might happen to Stanton. Thankfully, a swift and simple recovery was in the cards, and Stanton can go about doing what he does best next year all over again. But for a brief moment, live on television, Stanton's health was the most stressing concern in the baseball world.

What moment was the most depressing moment of the Marlins' 2014 season? Was it the Jose Fernandez elbow injury or the Giancarlo Stanton facial injury? Let us know and vote today!