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Help us choose the funniest moment of the 2014 Marlins!

The 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards begins with the first category to vote for: the funniest moment of the 2014 Miami Marlins season!

Billy the Marlin and the other mascots were in the running for funniest moment of the year for the Fish.
Billy the Marlin and the other mascots were in the running for funniest moment of the year for the Fish.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins were expected by many to be a joke on the field, but they turned out to be an acceptable, decently competitive team for most of the year despite injuries to some of their best players. But that does not mean that there was not plenty to laugh about in 2014 regarding the Fish. There were some truly funny moments in 2014, and here are just a few nominees for our 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards vote for funniest moment of the 2014 season.

1. Marlins Dancing Kid

There was no way this was not going to be first on the list of nominees for funniest moment in Marlins lore this season. Jonathan, otherwise known as Marlins Dancing Kid, temporarily took the world by storm with his excitable dance at a Marlins game with his family. The dance hit Vine, and spread like wildfire, and he became an overnight sensation. His gyrating earned him a lot of highlights and eventually interviews at Marlins Park.

But in actuality, the video occurred in 2013, and was only seen and put on Vine because it was noted on outtake videos that aired in 2014 at the stadium during lulls in the game. So Jonathan was also the funniest moment in 2013 as well! But his dance caught fire this year, and he was featured again on a TV spot with the wonderful Allison Williams.

If you watch him dancing now, however, it almost feels like that unbridled joy of the first video is gone. Like all media, we have sapped his life force and imbued it into our laughter, and thus the Marlins Dancing Kid no longer dances with the same vigor as he did in that first video. Or not, who knows? Either way, he is probably the second-most well-known Marlins fan.

2. Giancarlo Stanton does Beyonce

You might have missed this, as it was on Intentional Talk on MLB Network, but it was prior to a Marlins game and it was with the venerable Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton isn't known for his hijincks, but he did perform a little for the guys at IT as part of the interview.

Stanton should probably stick to his day job of hitting home runs, because while his dancing may have been convincing for a big guy trying to imitate this:

His singing left much to be desired. Try something easier next time Bigfoot.

3. Henderson Alvarez's first pitch

Alvarez has been doing this throughout his career, but this is the first time it has gained notoriety and interest around the league. Alvarez's first pitch is an elaborate motion that involves bowing, a big windup, and a pretty normal delivery after that. After he gained some interest from his no-hitter and subsequent shutouts to start the year, people started noticing that weird thing he does on the first pitch. Apparently it is something he made up all on his own, without any strong reasoning for it. And you know what? Kudos to you, Henderson Alvarez. You are an original and unique pitcher, and you just keep doing you. Especially if it's going to lead to a 2.65 ERA every year.

4. Star Wars featuring Billy the Marlin

Even with his new coloring, Billy is still one of the best mascots on the planet when it comes to entertainment, and this might have been his piece de resistance. In featuring the team's upcoming Star Wars Night at Marlins Park (a yearly occurrence at almost every stadium), the Marlins featured a trailer with various Star Wars scenes, except they cut in some images of Billy the Marlin in those scenes. Billy does his thing best, goofy as always. My favorite? Him launching Boba Fett with his classic swinging belly technique.

5. Darth Vader's Scouting Report

This would have been nothing to me, were it not for Rich and Tommy working on that diligent scouting report for Darth Vader. It was a manageable first pitch as well, though if Justin Bour had objected, Vader would have thrown him a force choke.

6. Marcell Ozuna and Brett Butler with a pregame handshake

GIF courtesy of this post from OnCloudConine

Jose Reyes used to have the best handshakes, but I don't even know what to do with this one. Marcell and Brett Butler are in a league of their own. Just to match the theme of the previous handhsake post, this one appears to be:

Both players clap hands -> butt wiggle -> hip gyrate/rotation -> hop to the left -> hop to the right

Truly a fantastic work of art.

7. Mike Matheny Responds to a Giancarlo Stanton Homer

That's really the only way you can respond to one. Sigh. Click here to watch the actual home runs Stanton hit.

So which one was your favorite? Vote in the poll below and tell us if there are any other funny moments you'd like to see on this list!