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2015 Marlins Offseason Plan: Introduction

Another November has rolled around, and that means Fish Stripes is once again going to discuss the Marlins Offseason Plan! What do we think Miami should do in the 2014 offseason? Here's an introduction.

What are Michael Hill and Dan Jennings planning for the Fish this offseason?
What are Michael Hill and Dan Jennings planning for the Fish this offseason?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins are heading into an offseason of unexpected expectations. Heading into the 2014 season, there was not much expected of the team, and the prevailing thought was that it was going to struggle this year. But after a surprisingly decent 2014 campaign, expectations are a bit higher for the Fish, and the team will want to see further improvement. To accomplish that, the club has to have a successful offseason after a mixed grade for their moves last year.

That is where Fish Stripes comes in. The Marlins need successful moves, and we are here to provide them! In the next few weeks, we will be featuring our Marlins Offseason Plan, complete with our full analysis of the club's current standing and the moves that I think need to made to give the team the best chance given their budgetary restraints.

In today's introduction, we will discuss what we will talk about in the next few weeks with regards to the plan.

- First off, starting tomorrow, we will spend this week discussing the team's current standing. We will use a traditional SWOT analysis approach. Tomorrow, we will begin by discussing the team's strengths, including its assets for the trade market. Then we will go into its weaknesses. The opportunities are next, and that includes any available free agent or trade targets. And finally, we will wrap up the week with threats to the Marlins, including other teams competing for similar resources and the danger of losing key players.

- At one point during this week, we will also discuss the primary limiting reagent for all Marlins moves: the budget. The Fish will likely have a certain budget in place, and we will evaluate the team's salaries as of right now and see what the club can do.

- Next week, we will unveil the plan on Monday. It will be a multi-step process, as this offseason will likely be for the real Marlins, and that multi-step process will be detailed heavily in the days to come. Each day following next week. we will talk about a different aspect of the plan and what should be done to achieve this plan.

Miami has a chance at a great offseason this year, but it will be predicated on certain moves being made. Can the club pull it off? Fish Stripes is here to provide the plan. Starting tomorrow, we will hone in on the Marlins Offseason Plan.