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Marlins, Giancarlo Stanton close to contract extension

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Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal is among the sources who believe Miami’s starting right fielder could be close to a extension with the Marlins.

Mike Ehrmann

Miami is close to achieving its primary offseason goal. According to Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, the Marlins have offered Giancarlo Stanton a 13 year, $325 million contract that could be completed soon.

Several sources, including CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman, believe Stanton’s record contract will include a no-trade clause and will likely have an opt-out clause as well. Stanton receiving a no-trade clause is notable because the Marlins have been reluctant to give players no-trade clauses in the past. The opt-out clause would give Stanton the opportunity to leave Miami after a number of seasons.

Both parties have reportedly agreed on the salary and duration, and "only language remains to be finalized," according to Heyman.

If the deal is agreed upon, Stanton would easily be the highest paid player in Marlins history. The Marlins’ front office executives said earlier this week that a payroll increase is likely and realistic if Stanton can remain in Miami long term.

As of Thursday night, the Marlins were discussing a $300 million deal but were open to shorter contracts as well. Stanton, who finished second in the National League MVP race, will be paid close to $25 million annually.

The Marlins are looking to lock up several other players to field a competitive team centered around Stanton.

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