Why I am a Marlins Fan

This post is in response to Scott's front page article Why are you a marlins fan.

I was born into what you would call a "Baseball Family". While we are passionate fans of teams of other sports, Baseball has always come first. My dad and his friends from college began playing rotisserie Baseball in 1984, which makes it one of the oldest in the country which is still active. Naturally when i was old enough I became his partner and have been ever since.

My dad and uncle were born in New York City and were introduced to baseball at a young age as they attended their first New York Yankees game. So it should come as no surprise to anyone when I say I was born into a family of die-hard Yankee fans. While I was born in Miami, it was just a natural thing to become a Yankee fan as well. While I was too young to remember the successful years in the late 90's, I remember the early 2000's Yankees very well. Bernie Williams was always my favorite player growing up and I watched the games every night with my dad.

While my dad would take me to see games at Pro Player Stadium, my marlins fandom to that point couldn't be described as more then a passing interest. This all began to change in the 2003 season. It was at the beginning of that season that I began to tune into marlins games more frequently. Of course that year did not begin too well and I was still very much a Yankees fan. However our rotisserie team that I mentioned before had a young Josh Beckett on the team as well as Mike Lowell, who was probably my 2nd favorite player growing up. (we would go on to pick up the rookie Miguel Cabrera after Lowell went down with an injury later that year. never let him go since.) This was also a factor that encouraged my Dad and I to tune into marlins baseball regularly. I developed a liking to what was a young team with a lot of potential. Then something weird happened. They started to win!

Keeping in mind that I was only 10 years old in 2003, the prospect of my hometown team being successful was very exciting. It began to be a very important thing to watch the marlins games every single night. My dad liked that I was excited about the marlins and supported them in turn. I remember how happy I was when the marlins clinched the wild card. It was a true underdog story. everything a young kid like i was wanted to be excited about.

My dad and I were in attendance at the final game of the NLDS against the giants. we were in the lower deck on the 3rd base side about 20-25 rows up. the image of Pudge holding up the ball after Conine threw out the tying run is forever seared into my brain. The stadium was going nuts. I was going nuts. it was an incredible experience.

My experiences that season were not over however. My dad managed to get tickets to game 5 of the NLCS in which Beckett threw a two hitter to keep the marlins alive, and game 3 of the world series that the Yankees won. When it came down to the world series between the Yankees, which I had been rooting for all my life thus far, and my hometown favorites marlins, I chose to root for the Marlins anyway. My dad of course rooted for the Yankees. When it was all over and I experienced the euphoria of my team winning the world series, I knew I was hooked. While I continued cheering for the Yankees some time after, The marlins were my undoubted favorites. This didnt change after we moved away from Miami a few years later.

So ever since I have been a Marlins fan. It hasnt been easy. Experiencing some of the worst ownersip decisions all for the sake of saving some money has taken its toll on everyone, including me. However I know it has become part of our identity. The Marlins are the ultimate underdogs. We as fans have always known this. We are the small community that perseveres despite less then ideal conditions and wait for the day when we end up on top again.

So thats my story. Whats yours? I'm very interested in reading other contributions.