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Evaluating Marlins' Dan Jennings, Michael Hill

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As the front office prepares to resign Giancarlo Stanton and improve the roster for 2015, how do you feel about the job Miami's top baseball executives have done?

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Larry Beinfest was not given much of an opportunity after 2013. And as a result, Michael Hill was quickly named the squad's new President of Baseball Operations. Dan Jennings, who is liked by owner Jeffrey Loria, was named the new General Manager, and under the new leadership, the Marlins were able to piece together 77 wins in 2014.

As we begin a monthly series reviewing the front office here at FishStripes, we take a look at three of the decisions the pair made over the last year.

Signing Casey McGehee, Garrett Jones, Rafael Furcal, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Hill and Jennings signed the veterans in order to provide protection for Giancarlo Stanton in Miami's lineup. One worked out for the Marlins.

McGehee, who was recently named the Sporting News Comeback Player of The Year after returning to Major League Baseball from Japan, posted a .287/.355/.357 line with four home runs and 76 RBIs. He made teams pay for pitching around Stanton, but did cool off a bit offensively as the year came to an end.

Jones was signed for the same purpose, but the Marlins could be ready to move on after a slow offensive year. In 146 games, Jones posted a .246/.309/.411 with 53 RBIs. Miami has already been linked to Ike Davis and Adam LaRoche, and despite the fact Miami owes him $5 million in 2015, the organization can explore other options.

Rafael Furcal was signed to be the squad's leadoff man, but after appearing in only nine games, struggled to stay healthy. Chrsitian Yelich was productive, but considering Furcal was coming off of Tommy John surgery, the signing was questionable and didn't seem to pay off.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia handled a young pitching staff well, and while he was not as productive offensively as the Marlins would have liked, will look to bounce back in year two of his contract.

Trading for Jarred Cosart

Miami, while still in contention, was looking to add a controllable starting pitcher, and received that in Jarred Cosart. Cosart was productive after being acquired from the Astros, but the Mariins had to part with a first round draft pick in Colin Moran to make a trade happen.

As with almost every trade, the deal will take time to evaluate. But after Cosart pitched well and Enrique Hernandez progressed, the deal may prove to work out for the Marlins.

Jennings and Hill may look to make another trade or two this offseason, and with their first midseason deal being viewed as momentarily equal, it could prove to help the roster moving forward.

The Derek Dietrich Situation

While they made several other deals and roster moves over the course of the year, an indication of the pair's decision making and desire to win now was made clear by the way they handled the Derek Dietrich situation.

Dietrich's bat was seemingly improved, however his defense at second base was shaky. Miami was not hesitant to send him to Triple-A, and that may help him in the long run.

With GM meetings coming soon, what are your thoughts on Hill and Jennings? Content with decision making? Or questioning the logic?