Why I am a Marlins fan..

I am a lifelong baseball fan. When I was little I wasn't able to follow MLB from Cuba. Then came 1993, and the Marlins were born. There is a senior lady in my neighborhood who told me..Hey, the Marlins are being broadcasted by a Florida Radio Station, and they are a new MLB team. So by that time I was in High School and I was able to follow the Fish on CMQ in Spanish ( Felo Ramirez and Manolo Alvarez), only night games, since day games were impossible to listen due to government's interference ..I remember my first game on the radio in the inaugural season was against Cincinnati, Jack Armstrong lost, but I cheered for the new stars ( Harvey,Sheffield, Conine, etc).

And I grew up a diehard Marlins Fans..It was funny and emotional since I never actually saw the players, and I had to imagine them from the voices of Felo, Manolo, Chu Diaz and Yiki Quintana. I went to University in Cuba and to my surprise I found a lot of people following the Marlins just like me. So I could not only listen to the games but also talk about players and strategies. We had a small fan club!. There, I truly enjoyed the First title in 1997 on the radio and it was awesome!.

Finally I could leave the island and visit the Sun Life Stadium and now the Marlins Park to root for my Marlins!