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Who has the Million Dollar Arm on Miami's roster?

Jose Fernandez has the Miami Marlins' million dollar arm, even after having Tommy John surgery in May.

Mike Ehrmann

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Jose Fernandez was one of baseball's best pitchers in 2013. He was named the National League Rookie of The Year, and was among the favorites to win the Cy Young award. Despite the fact Fernandez had season-ending Tommy John surgery in May, he still has the best arm on the Marlins' pitching staff.

It isn't just his "million dollar arm" that makes Fernandez so unique. It is the way he has been able to find success. Several times Fernandez attempted to leave Cuba, and after several unsuccessful attempts where he was forced to overcome adversity, Fernandez reached the United States with the goal of playing Major League Baseball.

Not long after playing high school baseball in Tampa, and learning from Orlando Chinea, his senior high pitching coach who is familiar with Japanese style windups and taught Fernandez to become consistent and durable, Fernandez found himself quickly working through the Marlins' minor league system. Even after spending most of the 2014 season on Miami's bench following his procedure, Fernandez has established himself as one of baseball's young stars.

While he had a poor outing on occasion, Fernandez's rookie season was marked by notable command and distinct velocity. He posted a 12-6 record on a team that struggled to score runs, and had a 2.19 ERA and 2.93 FIP in 172.2 innings pitched. His fastball and plus curveball and slider keep hitters off balance, and an improving changeup gives him an edge against lefties.

The Marlins rightfully had high expectations for Fernandez in his sophomore year, and for much of April and early May, Fernandez returned to his dominant form. In 51.2 innings pitched before going down, he was 4-2 with a 2.44 ERA and 2.18 FIP.

Although the Marlins are now focused on extending Giancarlo Stanton, the organization could look to sign Fernandez long term moving forward. Fernandez is reportedly content with the Marlins' strategy and approach, and loves the South Florida community. It may not happen this offseason, but if Fernandez was to be extended, he would likely receive the highest raise among other Miami starting candidates to be signed to long term deals. Fernandez's value to the Marlins and the local community proves the fact that he does indeed have a "million dollar arm."

Considering Henderson Alvarez emerged as the Marlins' ace in 2014, he too can be considered for such a title. Nathan Eovaldi's velocity and early success would have put him in the discussion, however a subpar 2014 likely hurt his chances.

Fernandez is hoping to return by the All-Star break in 2014, and with his arrival comes that of the "million dollar arm."

Do you think Fernandez is deserving of such a title? Or do you feel like another one of Miami's pitchers has a "million dollar arm?" Let us know!!