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Miami Marlins news: Marlins sign Greg Dobbs to one-year, $1.7M extension

The Miami Marlins have insured that their veteran bench role is filled, signing team favorite Greg Dobbs to a one-year, $1.7M extension for the 2014 season.


We all knew this was coming.

Greg Dobbs's time with the Miami Marlins was closing in on an end, but you knew that the Fish would be interested in bringing back the veteran left-hander for a lefty bench bat role. According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Fish have accomplished just that, signing Dobbs to a one-year extension for next season. Jon Heyman of CBSSports reports that the deal is for $1.7 million (Twitter links)

Dobbs is a team favorite of the coaches and front office for his gritty, veteran attitude, but he is certainly not a fan favorite because of his pathetic performance. Dobbs hit just .229/.305/.301 (.266 wOBA) and, in three years in Miami, he has hit a combined .267/.310/.366. He has also been forced to play a significant amount of time, having acquired 1047 plate appearances in three seasons, including 439 in 2011. The Marlins decided that his veteran leadership and "innate ability" to drive runners in from third base was enough to entice Miami to keep him around for another year.

Needless to say, it is hard to buy the Marlins picking up Dobbs for another year for useful reasons. He is a horrible defender, and combined with bad offense, his three-year stint in Miami has yielded -1.5 Wins Above Replacement (WAR). But the Marlins either see value beyond his performance or are overvaluing his "productive outs" off the bench. Either way, the Fish are likely not making a positive on-field move, and that is money that could have gone towards any number of more useful assets.

Marlins fans, get ready for more of the #MostInterestingManInBaseball.