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Fish Bites: Triple digits of misery

On this edition of Fish Bites: The Marlins reached their 100th defeat, Marcell Ozuna is healthy, A.J Ramos continues to be a force and much, much more.

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Marlins lose 100 for second time - Sun Sentinel

A season of misery has lead to Miami suffering their 100th loss of the 2013 season on Tuesday night against Philadelphia. Those continued struggles and a haunted house full of terrors helped put Miami near the bottom of a recent ESPN The Magazine survey which ranked every one of the 122 teams in the four major American leagues. That survey was a compilation of eight different categories including fan relations, stadium experience and bang for your bunk which are three areas that have been lacking for the Miami franchise.

"Mexicutioner" a force in Miami Marlins' bullpen - Sun Sentinel

Jose Fernandez isn't the only foreign bred pitcher to have made a solid impact on the Marlins pitching staff. The right arm of A.J Ramos has been one of the more consistent relievers on the team which is extremely impressive for a rookie reliever. Even when his fastball started to suffer after months of fatigue, Ramos is still thriving because of his ability to work with different pitches and control the strike zone.

Miami Marlins: Ozuna healthy, can't wait until next year - Sun Sentinel

Three months after suffering and multiple torn ligaments after making a diving nab in July, Marcell Ozuna has recovered just in time for the offseason. In the pre-Christian Yelich days, Ozuna was one of the brighter spots in Miami before suffering the injury so it's promising for him to be healthy enough to work and try to improve on his promising game during the offseason.

Beinfest tells 790TheTicket rumors about losing his job are grating on him | Fish Bytes

WIth his job on the line, President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest visited 790TheTicket and the Hochman and Zaslow show to talk about his rumored demise. To briefly recap the lengthy interview, Beinfest is understandably nervous about his future with the team as he struggles to avoid the continuous rumors that surrounds him. While Beinfest has had an extended professional relationship with Loria, assistant GM Dan Jennings has been reportedly been put to the task of replacing Beinfest and current General Manager Michael Hill.

Leyland calls Tigers end-of-season visit to Miami "point blank silly"; LoMo talks about what went wrong | Fish Bytes

In two separate stories that shouldn't surprise anybody; Jim Leyland is angry about heading down to Miami before the start of the playoffs while Logan Morrison has to defend his less than stellar 2013 campaign.

Around The League

No League For Old Men- Baseball Nation

As we've learned from the likes of Matt Harvey, Jose Fernandez, and Chris Sale, the world of Major League baseball is a young man's game but that doesn't mean that the old timers can't thrive in the sport. Baseball Nation's Rob Neyer broke down that topic as he looked at the success of Mariano Rivera and LaTroy Hawkins and examines the future possibilities of Hawkins.

Mike Trout's quest for MVP and his great performance in the major league - Grantland

For the second straight year, Angels outfielder Mike Trout and Tigers 3rd baseman Miguel Cabrera are set to battle it out for the AL MVP award. While Cabrera is probably the clear favorite over Trout because of the success of the Tigers, Mike Trout is finishing off his outstanding sophomore season which could put him in contention for the greatest player in baseball... in terms of their first two seasons in the league.

Are fielders getting better and better? - Baseball Nation

Grant Brisbee briefly investigates Andrelton Simmons' terrific defensive season while also asking the simple question of "Are Fielders Getting Better?"

Manny Machado became a victim of sports' cruelty | : Will Leitch Article

Every time that either Christian Yelich stepped up to the plate or Jose Fernandez toed the mound, there was a concern in the hearts of Marlins fans that something could go wrong. That concern turned into reality for Orioles fans with the tragic injury to third baseman Manny Machado. Will Leitch talks about Machado's injury and describes the pain that a simple injury could bring to a fan.

The A's aren't just a slideshow, they're a winner. | : Gwen Knapp Article

Gwen Knapp describes how baseball fans should cherish the current iteration of the Oakland A's as they make their transition to the playoffs.

At Fish Stripes

This Day in Marlins History: Happy birthday, Kevin Millar! - Fish Stripes

On this day in Marlins History Kevin Millar turns 42 years old. Millar spent the early part of his career with the Marlins and now is the co-host of Intentional Talk on MLB Network.

The Miami Marlins, balance, and the new market inefficiency - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins look to be on their way to another series of cheap seasons under the watch of owner Jeffrey Loria. But recent teams have shown a way for franchises to succeed despite small payrolls without finding copious superstars.

Miami Marlins news: Dan Jennings assembling front office staff, David Samson to be fired too? - Fish Stripes

The front office shuffle in Miami continues as Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has seemingly OK'd assistant general manager Dan Jennings to assemble his staff. Team president David Samson may be on the outs with the team as well.

Miami Marlins analysis: Who is Logan Morrison? - Fish Stripes

The Miami Marlins are likely going with Logan Morrison next season at first base, but how long will that last given his performance over the course of his career?