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Miami Marlins video: Jose Fernandez's first career home run and the Marlins-Braves brawl

Watch Jose Fernandez's first home run and you be the judge about who is in the right or wrong in the subsequent Miami Marlins - Atlanta Braves benches-clearing scuffle.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins won tonight's game versus the Atlanta Braves, and Jose Fernandez had another solid outing in his final show in 2013. He lowered his ERA to 2.19 and completed a season more than deserving of a National League Rookie of the Year award. His year has been amazing, and he capped it off in a very interesting way tonight.

In the sixth inning of a 4-1 game, Fernandez stood at the plate and delivered a fastball into the Clevelander for his first career home run, and it was a line drive beauty. What happened next was, well, unexpected.

(Note: Video isn't working right now, but I have the link listed above. I'll try and get this working tomorrow.)

The home run itself is fun. The problem was that Fernandez took an extra second or two to look at it on the way out, and the Braves took offense. When that happened, Chris Johnson at third base took to making some comments to Fernandez on his way around the bases. Fernandez spit at third base as he rounded it and headed home. On the first view, it seemed as though the first altercation occurred at the plate, when Brian McCann had some words with Fernandez and the two were face-to-face.

As soon as that happened, both benches cleared and Johnson ran down from third base to join the pack of chirping baseball players. It was a dampening end to an amazing event from a player who has been amazing us all year long. Enjoy the video of Fernandez's achievement, and we'll talk a little later about the rest of the video in another post.