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2014 MLB Schedule: Miami Marlins to open versus Colorado Rockies, face AL West in interleague play

The 2014 MLB Schedule has been released, and the Miami Marlins will open at home against their expansion brethren Colorado Rockies. The Fish will also face the AL West in interleague play.


Major League Baseball has released its 2014 schedule, and the Miami Marlins get a few interesting treats in the second year of their rebuilding campaign. The Fish will open the season at beautiful Marlins Park against their expansion brethren, the Colorado Rockies, in a four-game series that will start the team's opening seven-game home stand. The Fish won't visit another location until they head to Washington to face the Nationals and to Philadelphia for the Phillies in a six-game road trip after the initial home stand.

The Fish also get a brand new set of opponents for sporadic interleague play, as the team will face the AL West this season. That means the Marlins will get a chance to face a number of interesting opponents. The Fish will play their first interleague game at home as the Seattle Mariners come to town on April 18 for a three-game series. The Marlins' next interleague set is the yearly CItrus Series home-and-home against the Tampa Bay Rays, as the Fish and Rays split two games each in each others' parks. The Marlins will play another home-and-home set of four games total versus the Texas Rangers, current division competitors.

Perhaps the two most interesting of those interleague matchups, will involve the Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Angels. For the A's, the Marlins will host them on June 27-29, and that will represent the first visit to Marlins Park for Yoenis Cespedes, a man who once could have played at the stadium for the Fish. As for the Angels, the Marlins will play their final interleague set over in Los Angeles as part of a six-game mini-West Coast swing involving Colorado. That visit will be the first time the Marlins will face Mike Trout and Albert Pujols as an Angel.

The Marlins' first extended road trip will be in May, when they begin an 11-game West Coast swing against the San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Francisco Giants. The team's longest home stand is a ten-game set against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, and New York Mets starting on June 13.

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