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Miami Marlins GIF: Jose Fernandez defeats Troy Tulowitzki

Jose Fernandez is no mere mortal. Troy Tulowitzki now understands this.

Jose Fernandez, sitting on his throne in Marlins Park, surveying his subjects.
Jose Fernandez, sitting on his throne in Marlins Park, surveying his subjects.
Mike Ehrmann

The Miami Marlins have not had a lot of bright spots, but Jose Fernandez is definitely one of the few. Fernandez has been accomplishing amazing feats on the mound that we rarely see, so we should not be surprised when he performs another one. Against the Colorado Rockies recently, Fernandez pitched seven shutout innings with eight strikeouts and no walks to his name. Those numbers on their own would be fantastic.

But then this also happened (H/T Marlins Diehards and Jonah Keri)



Poor Troy Tulowitzki. He's the man. He's hitting .315/.386/.568 (.407 wOBA) this season and has almost five Wins Above Replacement (WAR) this year despite playing only 99 games thus far. He's damn good. But even he's amazed by the glory that is Jose Fernandez. The words he mouths to Fernandez in this GIF makes that much clear; you can see Tulowitzki say "Did you just do that?" with an incredulous look on his face. His bat drops in his grip in disappointment, as if it too could not believe that that hard-hit line drive did not turn into a single.

But Fernandez's smiling response is something else. Very few pitchers are so charming and yet so brazenly confident to pull this off. To Tulowitzki's query regarding the recent happenstance, Fernandez smiles, nods, and simply says "That's right." It's the perfect response from a fun-loving guy who is dominating the league right now. It is a perfect blend of kiddy enthusiasm at making a brilliant play and confidence in proclaiming it to the fallen adversary. The picture cuts back to show Tulowitzki appearing to want to ask another question. That other question never comes, as Fernandez walks off the mound to end the inning and Tulowitzki is left to wonder if there is a God.

Jose Fernandez, everyone! Please enjoy!