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Fish Cap: Miami Marlins 1, Atlanta Braves 0

Still dealing with less than impressive run support, Nathan Eovaldi puts in an outstanding start to shutout the hot-hitting Atlanta Braves.

Kevin C. Cox

Another Nathan Eovaldi start, another quite night for the Marlins' offense.

Miami's hard throwing 23-year-old was in impeccable form on the mound against Atlanta. He'd finish the night on an impressive line, throwing seven frames of shutout ball, including eight punch outs. In those seven innings, the Braves were able to muster just one hit off Eovaldi. Unfortunately for him, the Marlins didn't score their run until some wackiness ensued in the ninth innings, leaving Eovaldi winless on the night.


To be sure, the Marlins are far out of sight in terms of play-off contention. That sort of realization makes a win seem like little more than part of a half-season long consolation prize.

That might have been the case for Miami's win on Saturday. Then again, it's pretty darn impressive.

From a pitching standpoint, you're talking about a primarily fastball pitcher forcing heaters beyond the bats of one of the hottest teams in baseball.

The Braves' had been on a 14-game win streak before their home loss against the Marlins. During that streak, they'd scored five runs or more nine times, two of which saw the Braves score 11 runs.

To give up a single hit against a team that swings about as liberally as any ball club in baseball is a heck of an achievement. Heck, the Braves are inside the top ten among all teams in total runs (525 to this point), OBP (.326), and slugging (.412).

That's 525 runs on the season, making to base 32% of the time, and reaching an extra base on 40% of their hits.

Eovaldi kept Atlanta on a goose egg for seven innings, had opposing batters reach base just four times, and held the them to a collective one hit.

Source: FanGraphs