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MLB trade deadline: Marlins expecting Yankees to offer for Placido Polanco

The New York Yankees have a clear need for a third baseman, and the Miami Marlins think they have just the man in Placido Polanco. The Yankees probably disagree.

The Marlins are hoping the Yankees will come by and pick up Placido Polanco off of the Fish's hands.
The Marlins are hoping the Yankees will come by and pick up Placido Polanco off of the Fish's hands.

The Miami Marlins are not expecting to do much during the MLB trade deadline, but they are looking to at least unload veteran free agent signings Juan Pierre and Placido Polanco for anything they can find. Well, the team seems to think they might have found a desperate suitor in the New York Yankees, who are facing an impending Alex Rodriguez Biogenesis-related substance abuse suspension. The Yankees are indeed looking for a third baseman, as Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports tweets.

Of course, anything the Marlins can get for the zombie formerly known as Polanco would be icing on the disgusting 2013 cake. Polanco is hitting just .259/.315/.301 (.278 wOBA) with questionable defensive contributions and replacement-level play. He also is only under contract for this year, although given the decline of his skills, that is probably a good thing.

If the Yankees did get so desperate to inquire about Polanco, almost anyone on the Yankees roster or minor league system would probably do. Polanco, as far as the Marlins are concerned, is beyond useless, and getting a young, warm body to put in the minors, the bullpen, or even the bench would be an improvement over him. It would also permanently keep Ed Lucas and Donovan Solano in their places at third and second base, respectively.

Do not expect anything, however. Polanco has played so poorly in the last two years that no one would be willing to offer anything for his services, even if the Fish paid the remaining $1 million-plus on his deal. His being on the Yankees would not help that team contend either, as you could probably play a mediocre middle infielder at third and get better production. This would have been a fit as late as three years ago, but Polanco is just a shell of his former self.

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