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2013 MLB trade deadline: Miami Marlins expectations

The Miami Marlins have reached the 2013 MLB trade deadline, and the expectations are that it will be all quiet on the south Florida front for now. Here are some things you can expect during this year's trade deadline.

Ryan Webb may be the only Marlin who is not a member of the Fish by tomorrow.
Ryan Webb may be the only Marlin who is not a member of the Fish by tomorrow.

Today is the last day of freely available MLB trades, as it is the 2013 MLB trade deadline. There will be plenty of moves going back and forth between contending ballclubs and their inferior selling counterparts. Teams looking to make last-minute changes can still challenge to pick up guys like Cliff Lee, Bud Norris, and others.

Count the Miami Marlins out of any potential deals, however. The Fish have made it clear that they are not interested in trading their best trade chips like Giancarlo Stanton and Steve Cishek, and while there are some names still in play on this final day, chances are the Marlins will stay put with the team they have and move past the deadline without a move.

Here are some of the more intricate details of what you can expect in this trade deadline.

Player Most Likely to Be Traded: Ryan Webb

Ryan Webb has been rumored to be on his way out for what seems like eternity, so it is a natural fit for him to be the player most likely to be traded away. The market for relievers is still buzzing despite recent trades, so if teams are interested in a limited right-handed reliever who can pitch multiple innings, Webb might be their man.

The Marlins have every incentive to trade Webb this year because he may not be long for this team during the offseason. He is heading into his second arbitration season, and his performance (3.21 ERA, 3.94 FIP, down to a 52.1 percent ground ball rate) does not justify a $1 million-plus salary for Miami. Other teams, however, may be more lenient and willing to tolerate another year of Webb.

Either way, if the Marlins trade Webb, do not expect a significant return. Last season, the Marlins got Zack Cox for Edward Mujica, but despite Mujica's performance in 2012, he was actually a good reliever and has proved it this season. It is highly unlikely that Webb shows the same promise, thus it is unlikely he receives the same return.

For the Absolute Right Offer: Mike Dunn, Justin Ruggiano

These two players may still be in play as well, though for entirely different reasons. Whatever the reason may be, however, they share a single trait: the Marlins don't want to trade them.

For Dunn, he is an attractive bullpen arm because he may be one of the few lefties available. Bullpen arms are never more valuable than they are in late July, and a team may overpay for Dunn. He looks the part of a typical lefty reliever, though he has the benefit of being able to pitch to righties decently as well. Those credentials might be enough to pick up a fringy B-ranked prospect from a desperate team.

But the Marlins like Dunn just as much as other deadline teams probably do. He is only entering his first arbitration season this year, and it is very possible he will be given a six-figure salary rather than one in the millions. If so, Miami favors his value on the team rather than off of it.

For Ruggiano, his availability stems from the fact that he has nothing to do here in Miami. The Fish have filled out their outfield with prospects Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick, leaving Ruggiano without a regular spot and left to sit on the bench. At this point, he is a glorified fourth outfielder who probably at least deserves platoon time on a team with something to play for.

The problem is that Miami believes Ruggiano is critical for outfield depth. He can play all three positions and the Fish are much more willing to trust him in case of an injury than Juan Pierre, who is backed up into the fifth outfield spot and has far less value than Ruggiano. Do not count salary out as a reason why Ruggiano might be sent away; he will enter his first arbitration season next year as well.

Don't Hold Your Breath: Giancarlo Stanton, Steve Cishek

This ain't happenin', folks. Those two players will be Marlins through the end of 2013. Of course, this is Miami, and that guarantee cannot be stretched any further.


Nope, do not expect the Marlins to be acquiring Major League assets this trading deadline either. The Fish are not looking to shop for upgrades because they are too far from contention and probably could not afford said upgrades either. The Fish would like to continue to pick up future assets, but with seemingly no one else to trade, Miami may hold firm at this year's deadline.


If you are expecting something, expect to hear Ryan Webb's name being sent elsewhere. Otherwise, expect to see the same guys who played yesterday for the Marlins to show up to tonight's 7:10 pm EST game. It is the status quo here in Miami.

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