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Fish Cap: Miami Marlins 5, Colorado Rockies 3

The Marlins finished off their road trip by taking the final game of a four-game set against the Rockies by a final score of 5-3.

Dustin Bradford

The Marlins won the final game of the road trip against the Colorado Rockies 5-3. Rockies fans have retaliated by inventing a new way to open Coors Light with your mind.

Road Dogs

In the wake of the Ryan Braun suspension, Logan Morrison joked that the Marlins are absolutely clean because they hadn't scored a run in 37 innings at the time. While the Fish have certainly struggled to score runs this season, they're at the very least looking less helpless now than they did at the beginning of the season. The Fish aren't mashing the ball out of the ballpark, but they have been able to get timely hits to drive in runs and that was precisely what helped them take three out of four in this series. Sure, the Rockies are a sub-.500 club, but winning three out of four on the road against any team will help to build some momentum and even potentially some excitement as the Miami faithful look forward to the home debuts of Yelich and Marisnick.

Eovaldi Is Solid

You know what has been pretty good lately? The Marlins' pitching staff, and tonight Mr. Nathaniel Eovaldi (although I doubt he would like to be called Nathaniel) threw six innings of shutout ball before handing it over to the bullpen. Jose Fernandez has obviously been lights out all season, but guys like Eovaldi and Jacob Turner have been a pleasant surprise, particularly with all the question marks regarding injury and/or poor performance coming into the season.

Also noteworthy was another solid performance from the Marlins' bullpen (sorry, Kevin Slowey) and let's not forget that we are a mere five days from the trading deadline. Contending teams love them some bullpen arms and the Marlins have a few that could be enticing for potential buyers. Bullpen arms are also one of the easiest commodities to replace in baseball, so even moving one or two arms causes problems for the Fish in the short term, their potential return on investment from receiving prospects in the deal could be well worth the risk.

Looking Ahead

The Marlins return home to start a series with the Pirates, not of the Disney variety. I think for this series all broadcast graphics should reference the Pittsburgh players as hitting from either the starboard or port side. No? Do I need to write some better jokes? Okay, I understand. Here's a graph with some squigglies.

Source: FanGraphs